Matthew Nelson Spathas Graduates From Oregon State University

Matthew Nelson Spathas is proud to announce his graduation from Oregon State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.

Online PR News – 19-June-2012 – Multnomah, Oregon – Matthew Spathas is proud to announce his graduation from Oregon State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. Spathas graduated in 2010 with a rich college experience. In his time at Oregon State University, he was greatly involved with Sigma Alpha Epsilon, one of the oldest fraternities in the nation and the largest fraternity in North America. His time with the brothers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon is highlighted by community service experiences with the Special Olympics, Relay for Life, and Children’s Miracle Network.

While Spathas was at Oregon State University, he was also able to do two internships. His first internship was with Fujitsu, the summer before his junior year at Oregon State. Fujitsu is the third largest IT firm in the world. His experience interning for four months with Fujitsu largely inspired Spathas to develop his interest in pursuing a career in international business.

The next summer, before his senior year, Matthew Spathas took a four-month long internship with NAI Asia Pacific Properties as a Research Analyst. In this position, largely dealing with commercial real estate, Spathas generated business for the company through cold calls and office visits, prepared managers for meetings with clients using real-time market information, and assisted managers in sales meetings. His work with NAI Asia Pacific Properties was not only valuable to the company, but also personally rewarding for Spathas. The experience it provided him professionally was matched by the experience provided him culturally.

Spathas developed a love for Asia, China in particular, as he went into his final year at Oregon State University. After leaving his alma mater, Spathas returned to Asia, this time Beijing. He spent four months toward the beginning of 2011 participating in a Mandarin language intensive program at Beijing Language and Culture University.

As Spathas begins looking for a job in fields related to China and international business, he looks back fondly of his experience at Oregon State University, and is proud to announce his graduation from a school that meant so much to him.

About Matthew Nelson Spathas

Matthew Nelson Spathas, a recent graduate of Oregon State University, is best known for his work in the international business world. Having put several impressive work and study abroad experiences under his belt in Hong Kong and Beijing respectively, Spathas is a valuable employee for international employers. However, before he began taking long strides in the business world, Spathas was a brilliant high school student and first class athlete. As a student, Spathas was on the 2005 and 2006 Union Tribune High School All-Academic Volleyball Team. His athleticism is still with him today as he plays basketball at his local YMCA in San Diego.