Geedra's Solution Puts Photo-Data Front And Center For Business

Corporations use photos to communicate conditions of their own properties (buildings, equipment,etc) but store photos within document systems with added cost. Seattle startup Geedra is advocating a new approach that saves money and improves access to visual information.

Online PR News – 19-June-2012 – Seattle/WA – For corporate IT executives, a photo is a file, a package of data to be managed, stored securely and delivered upon request. Digital photos and video are no different to them than spreadsheets, documents or data tables, just another digital asset in need of server space. Though, don’t expect such a cool reaction from Rob Mathewson, the CEO of Geedra. He will waste no time in sharing his view of photos and video as critical data records that businesses neglect at their own expense. Geedra promotes the use of digital photo-data as a business intelligence tool and is determined to insert it into the "toolbox" of CEO's and COO's, right next to their balance sheets and cashflow statements.

"Digital photos are the most underutilized business asset there is today," said Mathewson from his software company’s office in Seattle's South Lake Union neighborhood. He’s speaking specifically about companies with physical operations whose employees use photos to communicate about business every day. "We're not talking about media companies, ad agencies or news outlets. Construction companies, retailers, and even airlines, generate thousands of photos of their own property every day. They really struggle with keeping track of all of that information."

Digital photos are the most underutilized business asset there is today

The problem, according to Mathewson, is that businesses manage their visual media using systems designed for documents. Photos, unlike text-based files, can't be searched and sorted unless a human views and then categorizes them using text-based tags or keywords in order to make photos "visible" to text-based search engines. Creating and managing such tagging systems is a lot of work. Work that Mathewson says is expensive and avoidable.

In the construction market, which Geedra currently serves, high value individuals such as project engineers are often tasked with filing and sorting hundreds of photos at time at rates that exceed $100 per hour. The added filing costs add strain to a project's bottom line. According to Mathewson, "contractors care about photos twice during their life; when they shoot them and when they need to see them. Every other operation involved with handling, storing and retrieving photos can be automated to reduce a contractor's costs. That's why we started Geedra."

Numerous companies in a variety of other industries have approached Geedra since the company launched its first product in 2011. All use photos in a similar manner to record and communicate information visually. The digital imaging industry refers to these applications as "Intelligent Imaging." Mathewson will be joining other thought leaders in the industry to speak about the subject at the annual 6 Sight conference in New York City, June 25-26.

In the meantime, Mathewson will continue to make his case for the value of photo-data. "It wasn't too long ago that it was perfectly acceptable to have an organization's documents stored on hundreds of hard drives on individual computers. Today, consolidated cloud storage is commonplace," says the Geedra leader. "Ten years from now, people will expect smart systems to deliver visual data to them for researching conditions about their retail stores, industrial plants or aircraft. It doesn't matter whether or not they were involved in shooting the photo. All that will matter is that someone decided to capture an image and somebody else needed to see it."

About Geedra: Geedra is a pioneer in construction technology, revolutionizing jobsite productivity and reporting. The company offers a cloud-based photo reporting solution that provides contractors and building owners with the ability to capture photos from multiple sources and then automatically file and display them on a visual dashboard for project reporting and monitoring. The company’s Trailer-Ready Technology ™ automates much of the process for the preparing construction photo reports. Large organizations can use the Geedra dashboard to monitor construction and operations activity for all buildings in their portfolio. This innovative approach to visual monitoring of building conditions improves risk management, enhances collaboration and saves time and money. Only Geedra offers an affordable and comprehensive package of digital photos, comments and enriched data delivered directly from the jobsite. Geedra ensures all users, including architects, engineers, contractors and owners, have a detailed, ground level view of jobsite operations on an ongoing basis from anywhere - and not just when issues arise. The company was founded in 2009 and is based in Seattle, Washington.

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