Victoria Pynchon’s Latest Book Makes Amazon Bestseller List, Captures 5-Star Reviews

Author Victoria Pynchon's second book, Success as a Mediator For Dummies, has remained on Amazon's bestseller list in its genre two months after its release and has garnered 5-star reviews from readers.

Online PR News – 20-June-2012 – Los Angeles, CA – Success as a Mediator For Dummies has remained on Amazon’s bestseller list (Top 100) in the genre of civil law since its release in April of this year.

Victoria Pynchon’s book, her second, is rich in detail, description, and instruction. Her experience breaking into the field of mediation and her desire to instruct others compelled her to pen the book.

Pynchon is an accomplished lawyer, attorney mediator, author, and writer. As founder of the ForbesWoman blog She Negotiates, her writing appears daily in Forbes online magazine. Her essays have been referenced in academic journals, and she has been quoted by The New York Times and been interviewed by NPR’s “All Things Considered and American Public Media’s "Marketplace."

Reader Reviews of Pynchon's Work:

Good Reference for Career-oriented Work
This book is geared for those who desire a career in mediation rather than just learning about acquiring mediation skills, although you can help achieve that by reading through the book. I was more interested in fine-tuning my existing mediation skills so much of the career-oriented advice was of no value to me. Overall, the book is well written and avoids jargon, which I am always grateful for. It's an inexpensive enjoyable read overall.

The Best Book On Conflict Resolution
I am not a mediator and have no interest in pursuing this as a career; however, I found the book to be a tremendous resource for anyone even mildly interested in conflict resolution.

The advice is practical and there are examples from current affairs such as lessons from Occupy Wall Street, which makes it contemporary. The book provides a thorough background on the causes of conflict (differences in perception, beliefs and values) etc and how to use certain skills such as persuasion to work through disputes.

Overall, an extraordinarily well written book which is a must-have for anyone's bookshelf; you never know when you'll need it.

For my Dad, A Mediator and No Dummy

I got this book for my dad, dead now ten years, who served for years as the mediator in contract disputes between teacher unions and school boards. I did not get it for him, I should say, but, rather, in his memory. He was no dummy. I am. I hope by this book to gain some insight into who he was and how he was and how successful he was in arbitrating these disputes. Through this book, I hope to learn the mystery of my father, and touch his spirit once more. I write this in memory of my father. I wish I had seen this book a quarter century or more ago.

Something for Everyone
For anyone interested in mediation and the profession of mediation, from students to practitioners alike, this book is an excellent resource and a very easy read. It will not only help attorney and non-attorney mediators and prospective mediators better understand this growing method of dispute resolution, but will provide participants in mediation with much greater insights into how the process works and what to expect. There are also nuggets for experienced mediators. I have been mediating for over 23 years, and I found many gems in this book. I highly recommend it for anyone interested in mediation or negotiation. Well done!

Indispensable Addition to Any Mediator's Library
Having participated in many mediations and other negotiations, I picked up 'Success as a Mediator for Dummies,' anticipating it would likely be an outstanding product or the opposite. In fact, it's outstanding. I would recommend it to anyone seeking to learn the basics of mediation; to anyone aiming to go into mediation as a business; to experienced practitioners seeking a refresher.

The book is broken down nicely into subsections. It can be an efficient use of time for someone who'd read it straight through, or for an expert searching for ideas or information in a specific area. No matter how one enters into it, the volume can serve well as an ongoing reference. In sum, this is a terrific book amd highly recommended.

A Great Practical Guide
With my new foray into the world as a mediator, I am of course looking for all of the practical guidance that I can get. While the satisfaction of helping people resolve their disputes will be a reward in itself, I would like to make this a larger part of my construction counseling practice. Vickie's new book gives great practical advice on everything from various techniques of mediation (facilitative, evaluative and the like) to ways to make money as a mediator.

In short, if you are at all interested in mediation from either the advocate's or the mediator's perspective there is something in this book that will help you out.