First Software Application For Cleaning Video Files and Cassettes Now Available

SproutConverter by GearSprout is a patent pending application designed to remove distortion in video files including blank spaces, static, video noise, artifacts, feedback, errors, flaws, and other defects.

Online PR News – 20-June-2012 – Marietta, GA – Newly formed software development company, GearSprout LLC, has announced that SproutConverter has been approved by Apple to be sold in the hugely popular Mac App Store. This patent pending application is available starting now for Mac OS 10.6 and above. SproutConverter is the first software program available that can automatically remove blank spaces, video noise, distortion, and other glitches from digital video files, home video cassettes, film, and downloaded movies.
SproutConverter is an indispensable program to use in combination with iMovie, Final Cut Pro, or any other video transferring program to batch clean your digitized VHS, Hi8, 8mm, Video8, miniDV tapes, and more, to remove video distortion, video noise, blank spaces, and static. No longer will you have to painstakingly edit your home movies and videos to remove distortion caused by wear and tear on your old video library. The cleaned versions can be saved in many popular video file formats and SproutConverter automates the entire process. SproutConverter works by comparing your video to a library of specifically chosen movie and video distortion filters. Advanced users may also specify particular frames in their videos for SproutConverter to use as additional examples of distortion. To view SproutConverter in the Mac App Store please visit
GearSprout LLC was started earlier this year by Tommy Tornroos and Marshall Miller who both graduated from Southern Polytechnic State University (SPSU) in Marietta, Georgia. This startup tech-company is not the first for Tornroos, as he started TuneTransfers in 2006 to convert music and video media to CDs and DVDs for customers in the metro Atlanta and Georgia areas.
“I realized that when converting home videos like VHS or 8mm tapes there were lots of distorted sections that had to be manually removed and there was no software available to do this automatically, so we decided to create it ourselves,” Tornroos explained. The two creators of SproutConverter met at SPSU in 2010 and decided to quit their full-time day jobs in 2012 to pursue their goals to start GearSprout LLC and develop SproutConverter together. It has been their goal from the beginning to be accepted to the Mac App Store to sell SproutConverter. “And this is just the beginning, we are excited to finish the Windows version of our software in the next couple months,” added Tornroos.
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