For Accelerating Life Science Communications, Pharma Companies Choose TalkPoint Assist Video Webinars

TalkPoint is a leading company in producing and broadcasting large, premium-quality presentations. TalkPoint Assist Video Solutions are effective and audience-friendly broadcasts that can be used by pharmaceutical companies to accelerate communication and reach out to a large audience.

Online PR News – 02-March-2010 – – TalkPoint is an industry leader in the production of large, live, high-quality internet broadcasts. TalkPoint provides comprehensive web broadcast services to hundreds of companies every year. Some of the services offered by TalkPoint include audio and video webcasts, webinars, presentations, simulcasts, product launches, and corporate communications.

Pharma companies can make use of TalkPoint Assist video webinars to schedule and broadcast their events. Medical and pharmaceutical companies can utilize these interactive webcasts to accelerate communication between decision makers or stakeholders. These audience-friendly and easy-to-use flash video webcasting services help life science industries to reach out to their targeted market. TalkPoint Assist Video Webinars aid in transmitting content directly and securely to the audience’s computer at their convenience.

Webcast services can be used at any stage in the life science cycles. Flash video webcasting helps corporations with continuing medical education, field communication and training, online clinical trials, as well as professional and consumer marketing. Webcasting allows marketers, educators, and manufacturers to deliver message to the right audience at affordable prices. Interactive features such as Q&A, surveys, polling, and even testing and certificates can be incorporated into webcasts. TalkPoint’s Assist Video Webinars increase participation in events, while reducing costs involved in the production and broadcasting of these events.