Perth Counseling upgrades counseling services to singles and couples under relationship stress

Perth Counseling offers both one-to-one counseling and also telephone counseling for singles and couples in Eastern Australia. Experienced counselor Teresa Kitt can offer couples support & understanding to help you make informed choices to tide through difficult times in your personal life.

Online PR News – 02-March-2010 – – Kalleroo, WA ( Onlineprnews ) March 2, 2010 - In order to create satisfying and harmonious marital relationships in our lives, whether we know it or not, it is we who make choices and contribute to our degree of happiness by how we think and react in our life to everyday situations. In a relationship a person’s behavior and how one chooses to think and act, is solely his or her own right though it is bound by influences of the other partner and his/her own perception of life. Meaningful, spontaneous, harmonized and synchronized relationships are central to living a contented and happy life with the choices we make with our partner, lover, sibling, parents, in-laws, friend or employer. “To create happy and enduring relationships it is important to take responsibility for ourselves and our actions without trying to control or blame other people in the process,” says Teresa Kitt ( of Perth Counseling. When you are lost for reasons on how your relationship went wrong or confused about your relationship and wanting clarity on where you stand and what you should do to set it right, Perth counseling is the place to reach if you are residing in Eastern Australia.

“People might undertake marriage and family counseling for a variety of reasons as different and diverse as families themselves are. Yet there are some common areas where Perth counseling and therapy would help – like getting married, preparing for a new baby, mid life crisis, work issues promotion/redundancy relational imbalances leading to a divorce, tensions arising with divorce and the arrival of a step-parent and/or step-siblings, stresses of a new mom and dad, setting right relations between siblings, relationship of teenagers to parents, prenatal stress of taking care of children with special needs and the aftermath of physical, sexual or substance abuse,” says Teresa Kitt ( of Perth Counseling. What ever your reason for counseling is, call or email Perth counseling to arrange an appointment to speak with a counselor who will call you at the agreed appointment time and date on the landline number you provide. Perth counseling also delivers telephone counseling though the policy does not entertain calling to mobile numbers.

Whether it is just you, your partner or both, you can participate in the telephone relationship counseling sessions at Perth Counseling any time you want though during busy times you might have to stand in queue. Clients can expect to talk in confidence about their problem with the hope of finding solutions while being guided to recognize and make effective choices to create more avenues for love, happiness and contentment in their lives.

Teresa Kitt, who heads Perth Counseling is a Master In family and health counseling who has had the privilege of being workshops with Murico Aldofi a world Master in couple and family therapy. She has been providing invaluable counseling and services to couples and singles in need. To understand more, visit