Indonesia Veterinary Market Expecting 10 AdvaCare Products

AdvaCare is now introducing 10 new veterinary products in the Indonesian market.

Online PR News – 20-June-2012 – Shanghai – AdvaCare is now introducing 10 new veterinary products in the Indonesian market. The Indonesian pharmaceutical market is a growing market. It is expected to be the sixth largest in the Asian Pacific region by 2016. Nevertheless, Indonesian manufactures are not able to meet the demand for drugs, for both human and animals. Considering the industry can take up to a decade to meet demand, importing medicine from foreign countries is the most suitable option for the large Southeast Asian nation. And soon AdvaCare veterinary products can be found in the Indonesian market.

AdvaCare’s veterinary product line meets the needs of various segments of the Indonesian veterinary market. Some of the products AdvaCare is introducing include Albendazole, Ceftifour, Closantel, Enrofloxacin, Florfenicol and Gentamycin. All of these products are manufactured under the highest standards and strict quality control. Providing the very best quality is the focus of AdvaCare for every single product line. As a result of meeting such standards for Medical Supplies, Pharmaceuticals, Antimalarial treatments and Diagnostic Test Kits, AdvaCare is already one of the leading suppliers in Asia, Africa, and South America.

To ensure that the end customer can benefit from the quality and affordable GMP approved products AdvaCare provides, the distributors of AdvaCare have to meet the requirements of the company, ensuring capable distribution networks, sound financial stability, and ethical business practices.

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