Intuitive and Sensitive Boca Raton Psychotherapy Available From Dr. Mike

Learn more about Dr. Mike and how he can help you with your mental troubles, you are encouraged to visit him and his team today at

Online PR News – 19-June-2012 – Boca Raton, FL – If you or someone you know is looking for professional, innovative and effective Boca Raton Psychotherapy, you'll want to contact Dr. Michael J. Morejon, more affectionately called Dr. Mike, at the Proliance Center today. Available on the Internet at, Dr. Mike provides the most unique and comprehensive mental health counseling Boca Raton, with a focus on high quality and personalized treatment to every individual. Dr. Mike does everything he can to decipher what your problem is, and finds innovative solutions to help you fix it, and lead a more successful, wholesome and happy life.

With more than 30 years experience, this team of Boca Raton psychologists at Proliance Center offers a dedication that is unsurpassed, by helping every individual discover what works for them, to get the most positive results and permanent changes in your life. With a strong and unwavering commitment to help you and your family find the ideal solutions to all of your troubles and pain, this mental health counseling Boca Raton provides the most effective treatments available anywhere in the country. They work continually, to provide the confidence, safety and security that you need, to overcome any issue.

With a specialization and diagnostics of a variety of psychiatric conditions, including those that affect children, adolescents, young adults and even adults, Dr. Mike is specially trained to provide treatment for you, in every aspect of your mental illness, including psychological, sociological and biological. With his advanced and specialized training in psychoanalytic psychotherapy, is continually educating himself, staying in the know for all new developments in psychotherapy and psychopharmacology, providing the utmost of care and assistance to every client. With a clinic based on a combination of therapy and medication, Dr. Mike provides the most innovative in psychotherapeutic approaches, to ensure your happiness and success, in spite of any issues you may have.

The care that you will receive is based on solid research, and a variety of modalities of treatment. With an extremely diverse clinical staff, they provide over 30 years of experience in a number of fields, with people of every age. This provides the most innovative, extensive and comprehensive psychological and psychiatric treatments, providing you with the most unique and individualized treatment that you want and need.

Mental illnesses are not in your head, and cannot be fixed alone. For this reason, you are encouraged to contact Dr. Mike at today, as he can help you to discover the habits, patterns, medical conditions, stresses and more, that can all contribute to your mental illness. You will be able to take full advantage of the time that you need, in order to provide you with the diagnosis you have been looking for, in order to provide you with the proper treatment to help you achieve the happiness you deserve.

To learn more, about Dr. Mike, or about the Proliance Center, you are encouraged to visit them on the Internet at, or contact them by telephone at 561-338-7725. You can also visit them in person at their office, located at 1489 W. Palmetto Park Rd., Suite 365 in Boca Raton.