MedEntry UMAT Exam Preparation Application For The iPhone Now Available For Free

Chicago, IL, USA - i-Phonedeveloper, renowned team of mobile development, officially announced the release of “MedEntry”, a free iPhone application.

Online PR News – 19-June-2012 – Chicago, IL – Knowing that, it’s always tear-jerking to spend summer with textbooks instead of merry meriting with friends; MedEntry was developed and released by iPhone developers to leverage the preparation of UMAT exams with fun. Thrills of summer fade away even by the thoughts, but still there’s no way out, as you have to gear up yourself for mandatory test for your enhanced future in medication. MedEntry by iPhone developer, will definitely pump up your preparation for UMAT exam, and will also assist you in saving your time and hard earned dollars, which you were supposed to be spending after homogeneous, review courses.

Sounds Cool, Preparing For UMAT Examination On IPhone.
Truly practical and covering every pixel of UMAT exams, IPhone developer has released MedEntry iPhone practice application focusing on MedEntry UMAT Exam candidates. Reviewing the features and functionality of this application, it’s a must have application, as it offers matchless convenience to brace yourself for exam beyond time and limit. This application covers more than thousands of multiple choice questions approved directly from the makers of the UMAT Exam with healthy practice test features.

What’s the Need of MedEntry?

After a realistic survey, IPhone Developer concluded that MedEntry UMAT exams are not a joke and hence IPhone app called MedEntry was tailored with extreme precision covering every tiny and microscopic requires of candidates. Fully loaded with all the enforced features, you can utilize maximum part of your time and study for your MedEntry exam on the go and clear it with ease.

What are the features and Why should I own it?

Features of Med Entry IPhone Application:-

Home Screen: - Once you get logged in with MedEntry LMS login ID, the home screen displays all the different areas that users are able to explore and utilize within the app. Following are the features offered to the user from home screen.
Section 1, 2, 3 Drills: - This amazing feature within the app will facilitate the user to directly access to the Sectional Drills modules that are found on the LMS. Candidate will be able to have direct access to the vivid question sets, available on the MedEntry LMS.

Practice Exams - Pressing the PRACTICE EXAM button will take the user to a screen, which lists all the available exams that the user can complete. Once they have selected a particular exam they wish to complete, it will then take the user to the PRACTICE EXAM PREPARATION SCREEN.

The Eureka! Question Bank: - This Feature of application will direct the users to what is currently available on the MedEntry LMS. EUREKA! QUESTION BANK is extremely helpful as it allows the user with an unending supply of questions to practice, all in the convenience of an iPhone. Once the user has selected EUREKA! QUESTION BANK from the HOME SCREEN, that they wish to practice, the app immediately launches itself right into the QUESTION SCREEN.

Top Scores: - Everyone is desperate for results, and this feature of the app will allow the user to keep a record of their best performances throughout the app. When the user clicks the TOP SCORES button from the HOME SCREEN, it will take them to an area where they can view their top three scores in a) each of the three sections from the Drilled Sets and b) the top scores from the Practice Exams. This gives the user a way to track their progress as they draw closer to the actual exam.

MedEntry app itself is a handy and complete solution for students, and according to the app description, it definitely seems to deliver what is says. The developers of this app thankfully understood the need of going digital, as it became obligatory to develop more conventional forms of studying. is a US-based mobile development firm offering technology-driven customized mobile solutions for iPhone Application Development, iPad Application Development, and custom Mobile Application Development to local and global markets.
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The new iPhone app can be downloaded HERE and Good luck with your MedEntry UMAT exam.