New Cotton Thread Choices are Now Available Through Thread Art with Color Varieties

Using Thread Art for your cotton needs allows you to buy in bulk with different color varieties. The website is the perfect location for quilting and embroidery.

Online PR News – 18-June-2012 – Cypress, TX – As a business specializing in the production of different types of clothing or embroidery, you need to have a variety of Cotton Thread choices available to you at all times. Cotton thread can be purchased in many different colors at the website Thread Art. Thread Art provides cotton thread for quilting services, embroidery services, clothing production, and many other types of industrial needs. The website also features a variety of different types of cotton thread. They carry regular cotton thread, multicolored cotton thread that has varying colors that are stitched into the threads, they have thread specifically for the needs of quilting, and they also have heavy-duty cotton thread that is perfect for long arm quilting.

Thread Art has gained a reputation for having some of the best prices in the threading business. As a company that purchases cotton thread in large amounts, saving money on your purchases is probably very important to you. Thread Art has multicolored quilting threads available at just $1.99 a spool. These low prices offer consumers and businesses alike to get the products they need at a price that is profitable and very affordable.

The process of making cotton thread involves spinning cotton fibers together and then pulling and twisting a small piece of yarn away from the cotton fibers. In order to create a higher quality and longer lasting cotton thread, individual strands of yarn can be twisted together. These strands of yarn are often called ply and in the quilting industry they are known for creating stronger cotton thread that is heavy duty and long-lasting. Polyester is a synthetic product that can be used to produce thread that looks like cotton but has a much better stretch to it.

Thread Art has different varieties of cotton thread available for bulk purchases. You will find many different spools of cotton thread that have been bundled together for a discount. This discount can mean the difference between making money on your embroidery services and breaking even. By purchasing in large amounts it allows you to stock up your cotton thread and carry a wide variety of colors so that you are well equipped for future orders. Should your embroidery services take off and receive more orders than usual in the coming months, you can rest assured that you have plenty of spools on hand when they are needed.

When you buy in bulk it also allows you to buy many different varieties of colors. Thread Art has made it easy to get the most popular colors packaged into one order that you can purchase. You can also get packages of sub colors that are variations of the main colors. If you need many different styles of the color blue, Thread Art has all of the varieties you need in one convenient location. The website also has a variety of different tools and supplies to assist your embroidery and quilting needs. Should you need to update your equipment, they have sections of the website where there are clearances and specials so that you can save money.