A unique book produced from the remains of the legendary company.

A completely unique book was published in Estonia. It produced from fabric, wood and brick materials. All materials are remains of the legendary bankrupt textile company.The book has its non-ordinary marketing concept.

Online PR News – 19-June-2012 – Narva, Estonia – Publisher OldKrenholm produced a unique book«The Last Meters of Krenholm».

The book is devoted to the legendary European textile company „Krenholm manufacture” – the world’s leading and the most technologically advanced cotton processing company of the late 19th/ early 20th century that was located in the Estonian town of Narva.Unfortunately, “Krenholmmanufacture” that withstood the tremendous shocks of the 20th century: two world wars, 1930s worldwide depression and 1917-1919 revolution waves, could not survive the European textile industry twilight at the beginning of the 21st century. On the 30th of November 2010 the company has announced its bankruptcy.

Just before the closing of the company, the group of local enthusiasts acquired the last 1000 meters of “Krenholm manufacture” fabric. This very fabric was used for the production of this unique book. Thekeymilestonesof 153 years of the legendary company historyarecaptured on the fabric.
Fabricpagesareattachedtothestylisedweavingframes. Some of the weaving frames elements were produced from the “Krenholm manufacture”wooden remains from the demolished in 2011/2012 buildings.

Striking and stylish gray leather front book cover adorns the unusual element that directly relates to Krenholm - miniature bricks made by the local jeweler. These bricks are made from real Krenholm red bricks, which were sort of a “business card” of Krenholm buildings complex.

Each book has a serial number, matching a meter number of used fabric. Alltogetherbooksareforminga unique collection with astrictlylimited edition of 1000 copies.

A non-ordinary book has its non-ordinary marketing concept. Probably for the first time in history, authors are not seeking the immediate book sales.They are deriving from the principle that the less meters of this legendary factory are left, and the more “older” they get, the more valuable the book is. Therefore, with each sold book the price of the next book/meter increases by 2 euro and each year marking the birth Krenholm (12.05.) price increases by another 2 Euro. Thestartingbookprice is 320 EUR and if the last 1000th meter will be sold in 10 years time, its prices will be a truly “golden” – 11 210 EUR.

The book sales revenues will be used to support the former Krenholm workers, according to the original methodology provided on the project website www.lastmeters.com .

Answeringthequestionwhomight be interested in this book, authors are pointing out that first and foremost this is a unique business souvenir of industrial theme, which will be a desired present for companies’ management and also for collectorsofnon-ordinaryitems.

The book can be purchased through the website www.lastmeters.com, or at “Narva” hotel, located in the Estonian town of Narva, where the copy of the book is demonstrated.