Offers Service To Dallas Homeowners Affected By Recent Hailstorm Free For 60 Days
06/15/2012 is offering their homeowner protection service free to Dallas area homeowners affected by the recent hailstorm for the next 60 days. will securely hold a homeowners money before releasing it to a contractor until the homeowner approves the work.

Online PR News – 15-June-2012 – Gulf Shores – Gulf Shores based company provides added security for home repairs.

GULF SHORES, AL — Responding to the recent hailstorm in Dallas, TX an Alabama-based company is offering homeowners free assistance with managing and paying for repairs.

The time period following these types of disasters is critical for homeowners who are desperate to have their lives put back in order

Doug McCright, CEO of Gulf Shores-based says they are offering their online contractor management and escrow services to local homeowners affected by the storms at no cost for the next 60 days.
According to McCright, provides “peace of mind” to homeowners who have concerns about finding and working with reputable home improvement contractors to do their repairs.

“The time period following these types of disasters is critical for homeowners who are desperate to have their lives put back in order,” says McCright “and they often fall prey to disreputable out-of-town contractors who descend on the area looking to turn a quick buck.” Using the SafePact escrow accounts ensures that the contractor receives payment only after the terms of the contract have been met to the satisfaction of the homeowner.

“Homeowners like working with contractors who agree that payment should be contingent upon homeowner satisfaction,” McCright also adds “ helps homeowners weed out contractors who aren’t willing to wait for approval before payment. And, speaking as a professional who has spent most of my career working with contractors, I can tell you that contractors like the idea that the payment for the project is right there, waiting to be released after a job well done. Utilizing SafePact actually motivates reputable contractors to do the job right and on time—which is what victims of a natural disaster want more than anything.”

For more information, visit To contact SafePact directly, call SafePact’s office at (251) 517-3311. Toll Free: (855) 723-3722. Fax: (855) 723-3721. E-Mail: offers homeowners a secure online portal, through which they can contact contractors, arrange for and approve estimates, and even pay for services through a secure escrow account., LLC • 191 Northshore Circle, Suite 100 • Gulf Shores, AL 36542-2822
Toll Free: 855-SAFEPACT (855-723-3722) • Fax: 855-723-3721 • Email: • Website: LLC is a secure online escrow company that maintains a neutral third-party position when homeowners and contractors are working together on a home improvement project. After an agreed upon contract a homeowner will place their payment in SafePact’s servers where it will remain safe until the homeowner approves payment. The website also features an option to upload the contract to the site and also provides a secure messaging system between the homeowner and contractor in order to provide a means of communication and conflict resolution.

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