Wheelers Pest Control Offers Gopher Control to the Los Angeles Area

In order to fix an invasion of gophers in the Los Angeles area, you need a quality company like Wheelers Pest Control.

Online PR News – 18-June-2012 – irvine, CA – If you are dealing with pest problems like gophers, Wheelers Pest Control can offer you a solution that is cost effective. Pest control can be a very daunting task and it can be emotionally draining to have pests invading your home. Pests come in a variety of different sizes and types. You can experience everything from bees, bed bugs, or spiders, to birds, rats and gophers. Additionally, it can be very upsetting to have a wild animal that will not leave your premises. Wheelers Pest Control also specializes in the trapping of wild animals. This can be everything from fox, wolf, dear or anything similar.

Controlling a gopher invasion can be a very difficult task because gophers typically hide and burrow underground. gopher control los angeles can successfully get rid of gophers, but it is very important that you report their presence as soon as it becomes aware you. The first time that you detect a gopher and you live in the Los Angeles area, you should contact Wheelers Pest Control right away. They can use a variety of different tactics like trapping, baiting and even fumigation. The method that they use is dependent on how extensive the problem you are dealing with is and how many gophers there are in the area. Wheelers Pest Control is different from competing companies because they even have a follow-up procedure to make sure that they did the job right the first time and there have been no more returning gophers.

The result of gopher damage can be very extensive. Damages from gophers can ruin your yard and cause your grass to be uneven and clumpy. Gophers like to eat on a variety of different wild plants. gopher control orange county has reported that gophers can use their incredible sense of smell to track down food and feed on roots and lots of different plants that homeowners like to grow in the yard. It will only take a matter of days before they chew through all of the plants that you have worked very hard to plant in effort to make your house look presentable. Gophers are also capable of pulling an entire plant or tree into their den located below.

Another thing they need to be careful of with gophers is to catch them early enough that they did not start to breed. Gophers typically breed with 5 to 6 pups and if you do not stop their presence early enough, they will need a constant and large supply of food in order to feed their young. Once gophers give birth to their young, they will go on a feeding frenzy in order to supply their pups with food. Controlling them and catching all of the pups at this point would be very difficult.

Pocket gophers can cover radius of 200 to 2000 square feet. This allows them to cover a lot of ground very quickly and they can even invade the crawlspace below your home. If you allow them to get underneath your home, they could start to ruin some of that plumbing and heat ducks that exist below their. You can count on Wheelers Pest Control to fix your gopher problem or any other types of pests that have invaded your area.