Thailand Camp Now Runs Fitness Detox And Muay Thai Training Holidays

It has long be known that Thailand Camp is one of the best places to train Muay Thai in Phuket. Travelers flock from all over the world to train under top Muay Thai trainers and learn the martial art.

Online PR News – 18-June-2012 – Muang Phuket, Thailand – For many years they have built up a name for themselves and quickly gained popularity amongst locals and travelers alike. In fact, they currently have some of the top Thai trainers in Thailand training their guests in the gym.

However, now Thailand Camp has become much more than just a Muay Thai gym. They have expanded their camp to accommodate a full Detox program, added additional Fitness activities and created a Weight Loss Package.

It's still early, but guests are already reporting results from the programs. One of their guests had this to say, "I have been training in camps all over Thailand and the range of activities and programs here is the best yet".

Another said, "the diet program that they have me on is incredible! I have lost 3kg in just 7 day's and am very excited about continuing the program".

Their Detox program is made up of 3 parts. The first is their unique Detoxification Diet. The second is their Body Cleaning exercise program. And the third is there Rejuvenation process using Thai massages and Herbal Saunas.

Whilst less is known so far about their Detox, we have reason to believe that it will cater for guests who would like to lose weight whilst also cleansing their bodies.

All in all, it looks like Thailand Camp has hit a home run and could be looking to expand further in the future. There is even talk of opening up in new locations in Phuket and the rest of Thailand.

About Thailand Camp :-

Provides Fitness, Detox, Weight Loss & Muay Thai training in Phuket, Thailand. We are a Fitness, Boxing, Weight Loss and Detox camp in Phuket, Thailand. We cater for everyone from beginner to experienced and train people in all different ways and for all different reasons.