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The Paternity Lab Center is the fastest growing DNA testing facility in the nation that offers the most affordable pricing on DNA tests and Paternity DNA testing.

Online PR News – 18-June-2012 – Atlanta, GA – PRESS RELEASE

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The Paternity Lab Center brings rays of hope to alleged parents through maternity and paternity DNA testing

Atlanta, USA, 15th June, 2012- For a child, a mother and father both make up a family. Where suspicion is raised regarding the truth of parentage involving either of them, all apprehensions can be hushed simply with maternity or paternity DNA testing. It doesn’t take a long time and there is nothing to shy away from as one lab center, The Paternity Lab Center, knows how to keep the truth about their clients safe with them. What comes out at the end is just authentic results.

The Paternity Lab Center delivers on time. They claim to take 48 hours to provide the truth and samples are checked twice to assure authenticity. Where there is a brow raised against who the true father of the child is, the Paternity Lab Center offers the Standard Trio Paternity Test. This test involves testing one mother, one child and the alleged father.

Those carrying out the test at the lab center claim that the participation of the mother is important as it helps to exclude one-half of the DNA of the child, leaving the other half for comparison with the DNA of the alleged father. However, the mother’s participation is not always necessary. In the absence of the mother, the test results turn out to be 100% authentic. The Paternity Lab Center has a proven track record of results with 99.9% probability of paternity in their paternity testing.

There is more to the Standard Trio Paternity Test conducted by the Paternity Lab Center. Since the mother’s participation is not required in the test, they will collect the mother’s DNA specimen free of charge. That is not an offer that many of the testing centers in the United States will be offering to their customers. If required, they also give the offer to test additional children and more than a single alleged father. However, a nominal fee is applicable for DNA testing and analysis for each individual.
You can call them up for pricing or ask them to collect samples whichever you feel is convenient. For more details on their services offered in various states like West Virginia, Maine, Wisconsin, Alaska, New Mexico, Florida, and Hawaii, please visit

About The Paternity Lab Center

The Paternity Lab Center is one of the most trusted testing labs in the United States offering authentic results for various tests like paternity testing, maternity testing, sibling DNA testing, and DNA testing. They are accredited by the AABB (American Association of Blood Banks).