Godot Media Adopts Eco-Friendly Paperless Work Flow Solutions

Leading content services company Godot Media has embarked on an eco-friendly drive by replacing paper documents with their electronic counterparts. Paperless work flow solutions are now a part of Godot's environment sustainability practices.

Online PR News – 18-June-2012 – USA – Content writing company Godot Media has implemented a paperless workflow process by leveraging electronic solutions to record and store information. The digital drive is one of the many eco-friendly practices Godot plans to incorporate as part of its wider sustainability practices.

"Eliminating wasteful reliance on paper has been a priority with Godot for some time now. After careful assessment, we were able to effectively begin the transition to a paperless office, and are happy to have achieved it within the targeted timeframe." Senior Content Manager at Godot Media, Jessica Davis, said of the paperless initiative. To bring in the eco-improvements, Godot used reliable online tools that are currently being used by its staff and management.

One of the tools being used by Godot Media is the Teamworkpm cloud based service. Used by senior writers and project managers, the calendar offers a real-time view of different projects and deadlines. It has proved to be a better option for planning work schedules and deliveries than doing the same in paper files. Allowing immediate entries of and edits to work events, the calendar saves time and energy. It is also a better alternative to creating work schedules and deliveries in Microsoft Excel and Word documents, while allowing computer systems to conserve energy in the process.

Companies, while digitalizing in paper-centric areas, often find it quite challenging to archive files and records online securely and reliably. Godot is using online storage service Dropbox to tackle this problem. The company has leveraged Dropbox to success, transferring files to a safe online space, and accessing them any place, any time on desktops and mobile devices with ease and flexibility. Through Dropbox, Godot's staff is able to upload files, sync files, link to and share folders, and recover old versions of files very conveniently. Instead of printing out agendas and emails for meetings, the staff at Godot is creating PDF copies and uploading them to Dropbox.

For research based work like for eBook writing, white paper creation etc, Godot Projects team uses electronic documents to read and analyze material to produce great write ups. As a policy and guideline, no writer prints paper versions of documents for reading.

"While the main intention behind the paperless drive was to make work processes more earth-friendly, the initiative has brought with it secondary benefits. For instance, the need for storage boxes and filing cabinets has lessened, allowing us to save space and devote it towards other business activities", said Jessica Davis.

In situations where paper documents are absolutely necessary, Godot's printers are used judiciously, and a policy of printing on both sides of the paper, is strictly implemented. Documents are also formatted to take up fewer pages with narrower margins and smaller fonts. Godot is currently exploring more ways to makes it office eco-friendly and encouraging its staff to be more eco-aware.

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