Sponsors and promotions: Valueable ways to reach out to potential customers.

Knew The News, the free online news prediction game, introduces a new way to promote products and companies on their site.

Online PR News – 18-June-2012 – Kassel, Germany – In addition to common, content related advertisements provided by affiliate programs and add networks, advertisers act as site sponsors, providing incentives for players on the site.

In contrast to advertisement forms used on the site so far, the relationship between advertiser and site user in this case is much closer. Sponsoring content and supplying prizes for raffles is something a user will actually appreciate - and not annoying. The user will recognize the effort of the sponsor and will connect positive and sympathetic feelings towards the entity offering the incentive.

"Knew The News chose to additionally support a positive user experience, by directly inserting the promotions into the content area of the page in an eye-catching, yet consistent way,", explains Constantinus van der Kruijs, founder of Knew The News and adds, "and to prevent any detraction from it, no other advertisement is being displayed concurrently".

Advertisers may freely chose on which of the user generated questions they wish to supply a promotion, with only few exceptions. Knew The News offers plenty diversified content, rich in variation of topics and aspiration.

To support advertisement promotions even further, they are being mentioned in newsletters as well as in social media postings from Knew The News.

"Although the supplied prizes may be small in value, the total effort to create an effective promotion is clearly remarkably higher. This is where Knew The News offers an easy way and a worthy channel to reach out to a dedicated user community and to a large number of occasional visitors to the site on current news topics," emphasize van der Kruijs.

To start with, Knew The News partnered with Whatabeautifullife (http://www.whatabeautifullife.com/), A platform for online shopping of stylish fashion, Evening & Party Dresses and club wear, among others and own promotion prizes.

About Knew The News
Knew The News, the free online news prediction game. Players trade virtual money on future events to compete with fellow players on several leaderboards representing their individual expertise on topics such as politics, sports, business, entertainment, science and technology. Founded in 2010, the free online game is largely self-organizing: Both the site content, as well as the game mechanisms and rules are part of the community efforts, making Knew The News a unique prediction website.