Exquisite Lifestyle website ‘Lacelebratio.com’ unveils globally in Mumbai

Improved lifestyle through personalized services

Online PR News – 18-June-2012 – 14th June, 2012/Mumbai – Don’t know how to express your feelings? Do you dream for the best marriage proposal? The most unique romantic date? Or any other special day in the life of your loved one? And do you simply not have the time or know how of going about doing all this?! Well breathe easy, you are not alone. Many out there want to do something special for their special someone and that is where we at Lacelebratio.com come in. Welcome to our Dream Factory – Lacelebratio.com, this is where your special moments are made.

La Celebratio has created a romantic event planning service to take care of all your romantic needs. If you think you cannot handle this romance thing yourself or you just don’t have time, then La Celebratio will plan, organize and coordinate your entire romantic date. The best date is one that is created keeping your better half in mind. But how would you know what your partner would really like? What is your partner’s definition of feeling special?

This is where Mr. Karan Khatri, the thinking cap at La Celebratio, comes to your rescue whether you are planning a marriage proposal, a romantic date, wedding anniversary or any other kind of event for your loved one. All you have to do is to fill a Personal Relationship Questionnaire which will analyze your partner’s likes and dislikes. Based on this analysis a personalized and unique idea will be created to make that special occasion memorable for you. When asked about the specialty of La Celebratio, Karan says” Our services cover all your needs when it comes to going the extra mile to impress your sweetheart and have a memorable romantic event that you two will talk about for years to come”.

Other services that La Celebratio offers are Personal Stylist under the guidance of Ms. Neha, the fashionista who will analyze your personal style and bring out the best sense of style in you by recommending a wardrobe check or taking you to a session of simple shopping therapy. Personal Stylist can help you in personal styling, shopping, bridal packages and makeovers.

Then there is LC Club, a membership program to bring joy to your lifestyle. LC Club membership gives you entry to Mumbai, Pune, Goa and Delhi’s most exclusive nightclubs, bars/lounges, hotels and many more spots which will ensure that the party in your life never stops!

So go on and let us plan your dream moment with the loved people in your life. Simply log on to www.lacelebratio.com