Mascus – 1 Million Unique Visitors…and Growing

Mascus, the niche classified vertical for heavy machinery and transportation vehicles, has achieved a landmark by recording over one million unique visitors to its portals in November 2009.

Online PR News – 01-March-2010 – – Not satisfied with achieving the target once, Mascus has managed to sustain that level in December 2009 and January 2010. These figures mean that despite the slow climb out of global recession, the heavy equipment industry is feeling positive about the future. That is why a growing number of entrepreneurs, dealers and farmers visit Mascus every month - to trade across international borders and keep the industry moving.

Buoyant figures
Not only has Mascus managed to achieve the one million unique users target, but also experienced a rapid increase in the number of user sessions overall – up to 1.5 million. This means that visitors are returning and, more importantly, that they are buying the equipment advertised on the site.

“It’s a great result for us,” says Fredrik Larsson, Mascus Managing Director. “The sheer volume of trade we’re seeing on the platform means that more people are trusting Mascus to be a quality marketplace in which they can trade. The fact that we’re demonstrating such excellent growth, as well as user retention in the current economic climate, is powerful evidence of the strength of the business and its usefulness to our customers,” he adds.

Thanks to a worldwide presence and a strong brand identity, Mascus has become a leading online source for heavy machinery. Mascus sees internationalization as their key selling point, as they allow customers to purchase from companies and individuals across the world, regardless of location. “The growth we’ve seen over the past quarter is a clear indication to us that industry is finding its feet again after a long period of uncertainty,” explains Rob Tate, Mascus UK & Ireland Region Manager. “The sheer coverage that Mascus now has worldwide means that customers are no longer restricted by geographical boundaries, but can do business across the world. The figures speak for themselves – over one and a half million people are regularly using our site to further their business,” he continues.

A growing market
As industries such as forestry and construction start to recover from the crisis, Mascus expects 2010 to be a year of possibilities. “Although companies have been cautious about expanding their operations through 2009, the green shoots of recovery can be best served by looking at the market as a global issue, rather than just limiting your horizons to your immediate neighborhood,” says Rickard Petersson, Mascus Sales Director. "A platform that transcends borders, such as Mascus, opens up quite literally a world of opportunities for our customers, providing them with a chance to trade with new partners and expand their business portfolios around the world,” he adds.

Mascus now offers specialist machinery and equipment to a far wider clientele than any other machine seller. The platform is available in 35 languages and it serves as a ‘global shopping mall’ for the business community involved in heavy equipment industry worldwide. “We believe that the one million visitors record is just the beginning of a very successful year; both for us, and for our customers,” concludes Petersson.