Designer Label Now Launches Online Course for Freelance Translators

It seems that we live in a day and age where the economy is a strong dictator of all decisions related to spending and business.

Online PR News – 16-June-2012 – N/A, N/A – It seems that we live in a day and age where the economy is a strong dictator of all decisions related to spending and business. This also means that many people are turning to freelance work to launch their own business and create their own job security, rather than relying on a job for it. This is a good move in this economy, but if you don't know how to set up a business for this economy, and how to maintain it in all types of economies, you will fail. The best way to start a freelance business today is to get help from the experts. If you are considering a business such as a freelance translation service for Africans, then you need to be smart about it and learn the principles of setting up this kind of business in today's global market.

Freelancers today that are entering the market of providing freelance translation in Africa would benefit from the expertise of a step by step guide that could assist them in the development of a rewarding freelance practice. The market potential in the field of African freelance translators is significant, and many freelancers today simply do not know how to realize that potential in their own practice. A complete online training program through The Designer Label is now available that will give African freelance translators the tools they need to set up their own business, and start signing clients from all over the world.

The course is based in Nigeria, and can be taken either in person or through an online delivery format. The online portion of the course costs two hundred euros per participant or Naira equivalent and is self paced with an agreed upon duration prior to the start of the course. Upon completion of this course, freelancing participants will understand the step by step process involved in creating a professional online presence in the field of freelance African translators.

Freelancers will also know how and where to market their services, and where and how to place their professional profiles. The Ins and Outs of your freelancing business such as payment issues, how to invoice, what rates to work with, and managing your communication flow with clients is all covered. Freelancers will also learn through this course where to identify the potential rewards of the exciting field of freelance translation.

In addition to these necessary tools for a freelance translation business, participants will also access translation tools that identify which tools are needed and where and how to get training on CAT Tools. For an additional fifty euros participants can be provided with CAT Wordfast training.

This program was specifically developed by The Designer Label for African translators that need help setting up their own business. "Introduction to Freelance Translation for Africans: Setting Up and Getting Clients" is a practical hands on course that today's African translators will find very valuable. Contact Nigeria +2348057940944 | Andorra +376 653 267 or email to find out how to get started today.