Infinity Marketing Solutions Retains #1 SEO Company, GetMeOnTop to Maximize Web Exposure

Infinity Marketing Solutions has recently retained GetmeOnTop to maximize the company’s web exposure, to offer pay per click consulting, and to improve the company’s search engine page rankings. GetmeOnTop is a leading SEO firm based on Wall Street in Manhattan, New York and the Hamptons NY; the SEO firm has helped countless clients achieve the recognition and impressive web presence that they desire by offering outstanding SEO and SEM marketing, reputation management, web development, and pay per click management services. GetmeOnTop uses a variety of resources that will ultimately help Infinity Marketing Solutions to be ranked #1 on Bing, #1 on Yahoo, and #1 on Google as well as other major search engines across the Net. In turn, Infinity Marketing Solutions will be able to reach more businesses that can benefit from the services that they offer.

Online PR News – 01-March-2010 – – Infinity Marketing Solutions is a company that helps businesses expand their existing customer database and to sell more services and products to the clients that a company already has. Infinity Marketing Solutions specializes in the research of the right audience and the creation of targeted marketing lists. Infinity Marketing Solutions’ core focus is the Financial and Mortgage industries, and the company creates business target audience lists for Canadian and United States businesses. Such lists give businesses a chance to offer services and products to homeowners with adjustable rate mortgages, who have ARMs going to adjust, and to candidates for refinancing.

Infinity Marketing Solutions are experts in supplying the information you need in order to attract a target audience. In addition to the business lists that the company offers, they supply you with information on ARM data, debt data, bankruptcy data, loan modification leads, mortgage trigger leads, pre-screened credit data, reverse mortgage leads, auto data, investor leads, FHA mortgage leads, DU Refi Plus leads, and conventional mortgage leads. Infinity Marketing Solutions offers you high quality marketing solutions so that you can sell more of your services and products to people that really need and/or desire them.

Infinity Marketing Solutions has vast experience, retains marketing experts, and the company is proud of their Best in Class track record of success. The founder of Infinity Marketing Solutions is Steve Kafalas; he started Infinity Marketing Solutions with two goals in mind: to supply a greater return on investment for the clients and to improve customer service. Infinity Marketing Solutions offers customer support via telephone 24 hours a day, every day of the week, all year long.

Infinity Marketing Solutions has now turned to GetmeOnTop so that they can reach more businesses in need of their high quality, professional marketing solutions. With help from GetmeOnTop, the #1 SEO firm in Manhattan, NYC, Infinity Marketing Solutions will be easier to locate on the Internet and at the top of Google and other search engines. Infinity Marketing Solutions will gain increased website traffic, increased web exposure, and it will be able to offer its services to a much larger audience of businesses all over Canada and the United States and with greater ease.

“Infinity Marketing Solutions is OUTSTANDING! There lists helped our company increase our bottom line profit margin by more than 30%! Thanks so much!
Rodger Keenham

GetmeOnTop plans to use keyword enriched articles, press releases, reputation management, pay per click management, and strategic web development measures to improve Infinity Marketing Solutions web presence. They will also use resources like, a site recently acquired by GetmeOnTop to help improve Infinity Marketing Solutions web traffic and exposure. GetmeOnTop will also be supplying Infinity Marketing Solutions with their outstanding Web Auto Content Feeder, a software application developed in-house that amazingly helps boost website rankings for specified keywords and phrases, which will further help in improving the traffic that the website attracts.

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