New Graphic Tees for College Students Available from Alvotor

Alvotor has a launched a new series of cool t-shirts that appeal to college students and the younger generation as a whole.

Online PR News – 18-June-2012 – Singapore, Singapore – Alvotor is a custom t-shirts company producing unique graphic tees for people of all ages. Recently, the company has introduced a new line of t-shirts that are perfectly suited toward college students. Their long long of products show off their graphic design talents in ways that competing t-shirt companies do not. If you navigate to the shopping page of their website at Alvotor, you will see a variety of different t-shirts, each one unique and carrying its own message.

Their college student focused graphic t shirts include custom designs focused on music, the Indian culture and business. Their leading t-shirt based off the current music industry features a set of headphones, not developed through color but through words. Each word comes together in a close pattern to represent a set of headphones on the front of the t-shirt. The shirt is made to represent the current movements in the music industry surrounding rap and hip hop songs. You will also find t-shirts with a boom box, with men featuring an afro, and other types of imagery that give young, vibrant feelings.

Many of the graphic designers at Alvotor are young themselves, so producing hip t-shirts that appeal to college students is really just about addressing their own likes. Much of the staff is around the age of the majority of college students, so they can easily relate to what is popular and what appeals to this generation. The older staff appears to be young at heart and has close ties with the younger staff members.

If you browse the website, you will find many t-shirts that use lingo that exists on the Internet today. Words that are only found in texting language or while chatting on an instant messenger are featured throughout several of their designs. Some of the designs feature numbers in place of the word "two" or "too." This helps brings out the college atmosphere and slang that exists in a lot of areas throughout the world among younger generations. Many of their designs show a background in the Indian culture as well. You will see many festival related t-shirts and that have characters with head dresses, Indian symbols, and other related features. You can see that the creators of the t-shirts have close ties with their native country and want to represent those good feelings in their artwork. Some of the best pieces on the website are ones that are abstract and unique to the culture that the staff comes from.

Some of the artwork on the site carries a strong and powerful message with it. Sayings like "Dare 2 Dream," "Wear to Express", and "Freedom." Each t-shirt has its own message and a meaning behind why it was made. Some of them are more clear, others have to be found through the imagery that is portrayed on the shirt. It's almost like there is a hidden message to some of the designs featured on the Alvotor website, you have to dig deep and search in order to find the hidden message.