Dr. V, Acclaimed Among Top Arizona Pain Management Doctors, Revolutionizes Treatment Of Chronic Pain

Dr. Sham Vengurlekar, Scottsdale’s leading scientific authority on pain management and top-ranking physician among Top Arizona pain management doctors, is rehabilitating his patients to allow them to have successful, pain-free lives.

Online PR News – 18-June-2012 – Scottsdale, Arizona – Scottsdale, Arizona – The field of chronic pain management, also called persisting pain, has received a large amount of attention from the media in recent years because of its increasing prevalence among the aging population of our country. One of the leading Top Arizona pain management doctors associated with healing this type of ailment is Sham Vengurlekar, or Dr. V for short. Dr. V., who is board certified and began med school at only 16 years old, utilizes breakthrough technology and well-tempered medical savvy to perform what some patients are calling miracles.

Top Arizona pain management doctors are aware that sufferers of persisting pain can have a multitude of causes for it, including a recent surgery, a harsh accident, or just the wear and tear associated with growing older. Until recent breakthroughs, the usual treatment from pain management doctors in Arizona was an unending, refillable prescription of opiate drugs. Top Arizona pain management doctors often prescribe substances like Hydrocodone (AKA Vicodin) and Oxycodone (AKA OxyContin), pills that are only temporary cures: an opiate subscription must be adhered to forever, as this type of treatment hits the snooze alarm on chronic pain.

As the best of the Top Arizona pain management doctors, Dr. V.’s procedures neither rely on drug prescriptions nor require a strict daily regimen to work. Dr. V. utilizes cutting-edge technology to target the specific pain nerve routes that carry signals from all over the body to the brain. Using very accurate injections of anti-inflammatory and specialized medication at joints in the spine and other key areas, Dr. V. is one of only a handful of pain management doctors in Arizona that have the ability to effectively destroy persisting pain at the source. And most remarkably, the procedures of Dr. V., unlike those of other Top Arizona pain management doctors, supply patients with instantaneous pain relief.

We regrettably live in a medical zeitgeist in which many pain-related ailments go misdiagnosed. Carpal-Tunnel syndrome, Herniated discs, even migraines are categorized wrongly by Top Arizona pain management doctors and therefore are not treated. With his massively successful medical career as one of the most thriving pain management doctors in Arizona, Dr. V. has the prowess and technology to correctly identify and treat those hounded by chronic pain.

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