FastView speeds up the revolution of the web accelerator market

FastView is the first of its kind providing a new generation of web accelerator set to transform the web accelerator market. Conceived by ordinary people for ordinary people, the software is helping Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and internet users across the globe.

Online PR News – 18-June-2012 – Hong Kong – In today’s article we take a closer look at the functions of web accelerators and the techniques behind how they achieve their results. We then take a look at some of the factors which makes FastView such an exceptional piece of technology.

What are Web Accelerators?

Web Accelerators are an installable piece of software which acts as a proxy server to reduce website access times. Web Accelerators can generally be installed on computers, mobile devices, ISP servers and computer networks. Acceleration is achieved via a host based server collecting, compressing, and delivering content to a client computer.
Techniques for Web Acceleration
Different web accelerators generally use variety of techniques to achieve web acceleration. Web accelerators have become more and more sophisticated as the internet has evolved. The main techniques can be divided into the categories below which will be explained one by one.


The process of caching is where recently and frequently accessed documents and web information online are saved so they can be accessed and sent at greater speeds and transfer rates. Objects in the ‘cache’ such as text, images and forms readily available to be displayed when accessed as the information has been saved and stored.


Prefetching is where documents and websites that are likely to be accessed in the future are accessed in advance. Web accelerators take note of links and pages in websites and download the data in advance so when a link is clicked for the next page the information is provided instantly.


Compressing is where documents and data are reduced to a smaller size, for example, this may be done by reducing the quality and size of images so they load quicker. Additionally the web accelerator may only send new information that has changed since a web page was last accessed. So if there have been no changes to a page since your last visit the data can be accessed again straight away.


This technique is where code such as HTML or Javascript in files is optimized by removing unnecessary parts of the code and code complications.


Filtering is where undesirable objects such as adverts and pop-up boxes are filtered out to maximise speed.
Resolve Hostnames
Resolve hostnames Is a pre-emptive measure found in document codes in order to reduce latency. This is achieved by requesting information which link DNS servers in advance and store the information for future use.

HTTP Pipelining

Here multiple http requests are sent on a single TCP connection without waiting for corresponding responses. This enables the saving of bandwidth and the increasing of loading times on HTML pages, especially over high latency connections.

Uniqueness of FastView

Application of these techniques generally serves to improve connection speed and webpage loading times. Dependent on the technique being used many users can achieve 2- 10 times greater speed in their average browsing experience. Some even report as much as 5-20 times speed increases for specific websites and pages.

What makes the FastView experience so unique is the fact that it is the first of its kind to combine all the techniques mentioned in a structural, logical and hierarchical process. The technique is so intelligent that the process which will adapt and choose the right techniques based on what is trying to be achieved. FastView has developed new coding software that can deliver fast and secure software solutions.

Even though our internet connection speeds are so much faster these days, they can always be a little faster, especially in rural areas of developed nations, or across entire developing nations where infrastructure is growing. Substantial work has gone into FastView technology which has enabled the creation of a framework for providing the optimal worldwide web experience. FastView is able to provide a superior performance and user experience even in the face of increasing traffic. The product can empower businesses personal users with the need for costly networks and specialised hardware.

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