PosturePlast’s inventor Adam Dallison explores celebrity back pain.

With a recent influx of celebrities suffering from back pain, osteopath and inventor of PosturePlast Adam Dallison explores why this might be the case.

Online PR News – 18-June-2012 – England – What do celebrities Harry Styles, Myleene Klass, Victoria Beckham and Roger Federer have in common? They are just some of the celebrities who have recently hit the headlines suffering from back pain.

PosturePlast ( inventor and osteopath Adam Dallison explores some of the reasons this might be. Dallison explains, “Back pain is not always the direct result of a one off event or accident but is often a more general result of the sufferer’s lifestyle. Looking at some of the activities celebrities commonly undertake could help to explain why so many seem to be suffering with back pain.

“Hours spent travelling to TV studios or abroad, sleeping on a tour bus and moving in unnatural and awkward positions for photo shoots are just some activities that celebrities may carry out on a day-to-day basis. These activities could certainly encourage poor posture (, which is a root cause of back pain.

“Poor posture can place tension on muscles, ligaments and particularly discs. Over a period of time, this constant tension caused by poor posture can cause chronic back pain and then can prevent the injury caused from healing”, says Dallison.

Dallison goes on to explain that, as well as poor posture being responsible for chronic back pain, when coupled with physical activity it can be to blame for the sudden onset of back pain.

“Many of the celebrities who suffer from back pain lead quite a stop-start lifestyle in terms of their physical activity; seasons of playing sports, touring with a band, or recent motherhood coupled with a hectic lifestyle. Acute pain can be brought on when those who have poor posture on a daily basis suddenly increase their level of physical activity; if poor daily posture has weakened the back, it will be less able to accommodate increased physical demand.”

This could certainly account for Harry Styles’ recent bout of back pain which he has suggested is a result of poor posture. Having just completed his first tour with band One Direction, Dallison’s explanation of an increase in physical activity coupled with poor daily posture seems a likely cause.

Victoria Beckham and Myleene Klass are two more celebrities who suffer from back pain, and Dallison explains how their recent pregnancies could be responsible for this. “Additional weight carried during pregnancy causes a change in centre of gravity which can alter the shape of the spine and put pressure on the back muscles, causing pain. Pregnant women may also experience pain as their ligaments stretching in preparation for labour. When this happens the back’s muscles have to work harder to compensate, and this can also result in back pain.”

About Adam Dallison: Registered with the General Osteopathic Council and the British Osteopathic Association, Adam Dallison qualified at the British School of Osteopathy in 1998 and is the principal osteopath at the Take My Pain Away Clinics in Surrey and inventor of PosturePlast. PosturePlast is a unique, drug-free medical device to help back pain sufferers relieve pain and retrain their posture, meaning back problems are much less likely to recur.