According to Deloitte Global Survey 2012, Outsourcing Will Become Mainstream

A survey conducted by Deloitte suggests that outsourcing will become mainstream and soon will be considered as a standard business practice

Online PR News – 18-June-2012 – Sugar Land, TX – Recently, a global survey on outsourcing and insourcing was conducted by Deloitte. The survey was based on the opinion of more than hundred online participants. According to the survey, majority of the outsourcing experts are of the view that outsourcing shall continue to become mainstream and soon it will become one of the most common and essential business practices. The survey brought to the view that majority of the outsourcing market confuses outsourcing with offshoring and many people consider both as inseparable terms. Although offshoring is becoming rapidly famous, yet currently, most of the time outsourced jobs don’t leave the premises of the country.

Global outsourcing and insourcing survey also brought to surface the fact that most of the vendor management organizations are doing very well with their day to day activities but lack behind seriously when it falls to driving strategic value. Cloud based outsourcing continues to confuse outsourcing market, and the reply to the question regarding it were clearly unclear. Majority of the companies answered that they are not using cloud based outsourcing, while others replied they had no idea about it, or are not clear if what they are doing is cloud based or not. However, seventy percent of the companies that have outsourced are in the favor of it.

However, the brief conclusion of the survey proves that outsourcing is becoming one of the rapidly increasing trends in the world of business, and will become a common practice in the near future. The news is a very good one for BPO services around the globe, such as Kaya Systems The industry of outsourcing is becoming one of the largest industries of the day and is expected to grow even further. Some speedy changes have been seen in the world of business in the past decade, and it has totally changed its ways– outsourcing, is the reason.

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