Seven Carwash Korea advocates Cleanness, Eco- friendliness and Freshness

Seven Carwash Korea is the manufacturer of professional cleaning equipments in Korea.

Online PR News – 18-June-2012 – Seoul – 13th June 13, 2012,Seoul; Seven Carwash Korea Inc. was established in 2005.Since inception Seven Carwash has developed and manufactured several professional cleaning equipments like steam jet car washing machines in Korea. The company Seven Carwash has three primary mottos one is cleanness, two is environment friendliness and freshness. You can the reflection of their principles on Seven Carwash company logo where white stands for cleanness, blue stands for freshness and green stands for eco-friendliness. Their mission itself tells you how dedicated and focused their services are. They produce high quality car wash equipments.
Seven Carwash is continuously striving to achieve their goals of cleanness, freshness and eco-friendliness with thorough research extreme dedication, innovative technology and professionalism. It is their objective to produce and supply cleaning machines like the eco friendly car wash equipment ,that are both effective enough to exceed their customer's requirement and to better protect and preserve the environment. Seven Carwash has a way of researching on new and existing technologies; they have been interacting with people internationally to get global perspective on cleaning equipment’s technology.
Seven Carwash desires to produce easy to use, stable, and economic products. The professionals at Seven Carwash listen to customer's opinions always and reflect them to their products. This process of collecting feedback and improving the technology based on the customer’s demand is not a one time act; it is a continuous process and the professionals at Seven Carwash keep trying their best to make the equipments as user friendly as possible. Also, Seven Carwash focusing on the topic, 'eco-friendly', tries its best to develop technologies for giving best effects from small energy consumption and minimizing environmental pollution. “Seven Carwash Korea considers customer satisfaction our top priority, and will lead the cleaning industry through exacting quality control and prompt service”-website. The self car wash equipment is very popular with customers.