Sacramento remodeling contractor releases bathroom tile recommendations

A Sacramento-based bathroom remodeling contractor launches an easy guide to simplify the tile selection process for homeowners.

Online PR News – 18-June-2012 – Sacramento, CA – June 15, 2012 – Sacramento, CA – June 15, 2012 – Yancey Company – Recognizing the classic appeal of tiles, a local home improvement contractor this week launches an easy guide to simplify the tile selection process for homeowners.

A quick video on choosing the appropriate Sacramento bathroom tiles is on YouTube.

Tiles have been around for quite a while, explains Yancey Company. Even when scrubbing grout presents a challenge, the material is fairly decent. Tiles continue to receive praise for their waterproofing ability and aesthetic appeal.

The contractor added. “Save for regular cleaning, they are not that maintenance-intensive. A quick daily scrub or wipe can unseat dirt without the help of chemical solvents.”

The bathroom remodeling expert is recommending the following:

• Vinyl tiles for heated flooring. Ceramic tiles are often cold to the touch and can make a bathroom chilly during the cooler season. Vinyl tiles are different in a sense that they complement heated flooring improvements and can increase the user’s comfort levels.

• Porcelain tiles for aesthetics on a budget. Considered to be more durable and fashionable than ordinary ceramic, porcelain tiles are available in different cuts but must be installed using a special kind of cement instead of ordinary mastic. The designs tend to have Spanish or Chinese influences.

• Stone tiles for timeless appeal. Families with a taste for earthen themes and subdued look consider stone tiles a suitable option. The relatively steep price tag is compensated by the durability and classic appeal of the material.

• Rubber tiles for better traction. Slippery and wet flooring generally makes the bathroom a hazardous area. Installing rubber tiles decreases the odds of family members taking a fall. This type of Sacramento bathroom remodel is ideal for households with young and elderly members.

• Larger slabs for easier cleaning. Standard sizes currently include 4”, 6”, and 9” squares. The smaller the square, the more work needed and the more grout lines formed. By opting for the 12” and 18” squares instead, homeowners can enjoy an easier-to-clean, more spacious-looking bathroom.

• Differentiated ceramic tiles for the wall and floor. Floor tiles should be the non-slip or matte variety for safety reasons, while units for the wall can be the glossy type. Where exact color matching is involved, ceramic makes a solid choice although the material can stain when in contact with rusty objects.

• Glass tiles for backsplashes. Available in plain and mosaic designs, these specialty tiles allow ordinary bathrooms to score extra points on luxury and visual interest. Large slabs of glass may also be used in lieu of individual tiles in order to eliminate the grout resealing process.

Homeowners who would like to preview bathroom improvements can visit the company’s showroom at Alpine Avenue.

Yancey Company presently offers free designs and cost estimates, and can be reached via landline and online channels for inquiries.

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