Industrial Jewels Offers Micro Precision Products Which Can Be Put To Use In Various Industries

Industrial Jewels is a provider of micro precision products and has existed in the industry since 1966.

Online PR News – 16-June-2012 – Bhavnagar, Gujarat – Place, 14 June, 2012- Gone are the days when precision meant being close to accurate. Today, manufacturing companies have a large amount on stake for their products and they want the raw materials to be accurate in the real sense of the word. This means that there is almost no room for errors and discrepancies are calculated in mm. This has escalated the demand for micro precision products. These products can be used in a variety of industries including automobile, meteorology, aviation and others. Including such products as ball lens, glass ball, olive hole jewels, rods, windows and bearings; these micro precision products find a variety of application for themselves.
However, how do you select the provider of these micro precision products? Whether it is the glass balls or even the bearings, they are all significant in the manufacturing process. One of the simplest ways to go about it is by considering the accuracy and precision of the manufacturing process of the provider. You want the provider to offer products with little or no deviation whatsoever. However, this is not it. You also have to have other considerations to select the right manufacturer. Is the manufacturer certified by a body / organization of national or international repute? Such certification can verify the quality on offer. Moreover, the number of clients of the company and their satisfaction is another area where you have to carefully analyze the vendors.
Industrial Jewels is a provider of micro precision products and has existed in the industry since 1966. It, thus, has more than 46 years of experience in the field and it has utilized this experience in augmenting its quality standards and precision of manufacturing. It started off as a manufacturer of jewels for watches and other measuring instruments. However, it soon took further steps into the industry and started manufacturing a larger variety of products. Today, it offers such products as ball lens, half ball, windows, valves, rods, tubes and bearings among others. The company is ISO 9001:200 certified and has a wide network of clients, across the globe. In fact, 90% of its revenue comes from its exports. Its products find applications in a wide variety of industries.
A senior spokesperson of Industrial Jewels elaborates “Since the time we came into being till today, we have always been focused on offering quality. That reflects in all our endeavors. That is the case with our products too. We are associated with companies which are spread across the geography of the world including USA, Japan, China and other countries of Europe and South Asia. Today, we happen to be the global leader in the manufacturing of micro precision products and we want to continue this trend to offer our clients just the best.”
Industrial Jewels is a leading provider of micro precision products. It manufactures such products as ball lens, glass ball, half ball, valves and others.
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