Fort Collins company pioneers email newsletter concept in Colorado

Announcing the official launch of Bootprints, a free, opt-in email newsletter about outdoor sports and adventure.

Online PR News – 16-June-2012 – Fort Collins, Colo. – Matt Minich

After a year of groundwork, Bootprints, Inc. is pleased to announce that Colorado’s newest media company is officially open for business.
Modeled after successes like Daily Candy, Tasting Table, and Thrillist, Bootprints is a consumer email newsletter for outdoor sports and adventure enthusiasts everywhere. Crafted by active backpackers, rock climbers, rafters, skiers, and snowboarders, the newsletter features the very best in trails, adventures, and events each week in a concise, entertaining email.

Bootprints currently produces a national and a Colorado Front Range edition with plans to launch five additional local editions in the next 12 months.

Bootprints’ editorial staff is devoted to making sure readers never waste another weekend. Bootprints –National covers new and unique gear, skills and travel while Bootprints -Colorado sorts through dozens of trails, events and races to find the best options for outdoor sports in Colorado each weekend. Because of the quality of information, Bootprints has established an extremely loyal readership of “weekend warriors,” who look to the newsletter as their cheat sheet for adventure.

At the time of this release, Bootprints reaches nearly 6,000 subscribers and the total number of subscribers is projected to exceed 30,000 by the end of 2012.

A new targeted advertising option

Bootprints is 100 percent ad-supported, and offers ad packages that are more targeted and interactive than anything available in outdoor sports sphere today. Advertisers are given exclusive access to a group of loyal, engaged readers who regularly use Bootprints to plan both their weekends and their purchases.

The consumer email newsletter model has created success for advertisers and entrepreneurs alike in major markets like New York, and San Francisco, but Bootprints is the first company to bring the concept to Colorado, and to the outdoor adventure community.

For more information about Bootpints, visit or contact Editorial Director Matt Minich directly at