DaRoche Jewelers Helps Online Clients Choose Vintage Engagement Rings

A new trend in engagement rings is vintage pieces. DaRoche offers a multitude of options in diamond solitaire engagement rings.

Online PR News – 15-June-2012 – Brighton, MI – Vintage engagement rings have seen a serious uptick in popularity as of late, along with many other types of vintage jewelry. DaRoche Jewelers, a company located in Brighton, MI, has a large collection of vintage diamond solitaire rings that it has been able to steadily provide for customers who are looking for that vintage style. Typically, older vintage bands can be a bit fancier, with many bands showcasing intricate designs that have somewhat fallen out of popularity recently. With the increased demand for vintage pieces, many jewelers have been moving toward a wider selection of vintage pieces, or vintage designs on styles that are more contemporary. Vintage rings have been more popular recently then they have been in the past, which shouldn't be a complete shock if you have visited your local jewelers recently.

With a large selection of vintage rings, DaRoche jewelers has become a hot spot for those that are looking for vintage styles and timeless designs. Their large selection of vintage bands and styles makes it easy to find the style that you are looking for, along with a staff that really knows their jewelry. They have made a concerted effort to train their staff in vintage pieces in order to deal with the increase in demand.

Helping potential clients to identify a wedding ring can be a hard task, especially with those that are looking for particular older styles of wedding rings which may not be readily available. Some examples of vintage jewelry that can be found at DaRoche Jewelers include signet rings, eternity rings, engagement rings among others.

Along with the vintage pieces, they also offer modern rings that often bare resemblances to vintage styles. This practice has also become increasingly common in recent years and allows for a nice semblance between the modern styles and contemporary vintage pieces. This is also seen in the other types of jewelry that they offer as well. DaRoche boasts a large selection of jewelry, as can be seen on their website.

Vintage rings are not the only type of ring offered by the company.. They have a huge collection of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and pendants, with a large variety of stones including diamond jewelry, black diamond, engagement rings and gemstone jewelry. This wide range of different types of jewelry and stones helps the company to standout among their competitors.

With the vintage jewelry market growing at a rapid rate as the demand rises, the company has been able to position themselves as a leader in the vintage space with a large selection of different rings available. Along with these rings, their selection of other types of jewelry including earrings and necklaces, which also include various vintage pieces, a hot spot for individuals that are seeking vintage items. It will be interesting to see if the demand for vintage jewelry continues to grow in the coming years as it has so hastily recently. The demand for vintage rings has always been constant, but particularly as of late older styles have become very prominent in both engagement and wedding rings.