launches an innovative ad campaign - 'Holiday Ideas'
06/15/2012, a leading travel information portal, recently launched its television advertising campaign, focusing on its unique proposition of ‘Holiday Ideas’.

Online PR News – 15-June-2012 – Delhi –, a leading travel information portal, recently launched its television advertising campaign, focusing on its unique proposition of ‘Holiday Ideas’. The campaign is scheduled to air across leading electronic media for a period of three weeks, beginning on May 26th 2012 and will also be seen online on various social media channels.

The campaign brings forth JourneyMart’s proposition of ‘Holiday Ideas’, a property designed to enable users to determine their perfect destination, based on various criteria’s including one’s ‘Reason to travel’, ‘Season to travel’ as well as travel time and duration. Supporting this is its proprietary property ‘Destination Explorer’, covering 1000+ travel guides around the world as well as the popular ‘City Getaways’, offering over 180 weekend getaway options from 10 major cities across India.

With this offering, JourneyMart successfully answers few trends and concerns in the online travel industry. As stated in a recent PhoCusWright industry report, there is a growing trend, especially in emerging markets, of a substantial portion of travellers who may not necessarily have a destination in mind when they begin their travel planning and thus require appropriate destination selection tools. Furthermore it also states that a key concern in travel planning is the overload and accuracy of information. Thus with a comprehensive database of information and its presentation via an innovative and interactive Holiday Search Tool, JourneyMart has successfully integrated technology with travel expertise to provide an unparalleled experience.

Commenting on this recent information and technology integration, Varun Chadha, COO, JourneyMart, said “We have innovatively responded to a travellers need for a credible and comprehensive source in the travel planning and research stages. Not only does our search give a name to your destination based on your preferences, but it also provides you with holistic and invaluable information. It is this message that we have reinforced via our television ad campaign, highlighting our expertise in travel planning and Holiday Ideas.”

The campaign features three twenty second commercials, each highlighting a particular Holiday Idea including Beach, Adventure and City Getaways. Each commercial begins with a ‘Storyteller’, a fictional character signifying JourneyMart, entering a crowded marketplace and setting up the JourneyMart ‘Holiday Ideas’ box. In his experienced and energetic voice, the Storyteller beings narrating his last holiday experience, namely his last adventure, beach or getaway vacation. As he speaks, a few faces in the crowd display their curiosity, identifying with his emotion. Noticing this, the Storyteller reaches into the JourneyMart box of ‘Holiday Ideas’ and hands them a prop signifying the type of holiday and on doing so is greeted with sheer delight and excitement by the recipients. The commercials end with a screen shot of various Holiday Ideas offered by JourneyMart and reiterates the proposition – ‘Packed with Holiday Ideas’.