Snapden Launches Innovative Photo Booth System

Snapden Photo Booths offer a higher quality and more aesthetically innovative photo booth built to heighten the user experience.

Online PR News – 14-June-2012 – Los Angles, CA – Photo booths get a lot of love, and while the market for photo booths has been growing, companies have all been offering the same shower curtain, boxy photo booths for event rentals. Snapden has completely rethought the photo booth experience to create a system that is more fun, more interesting, and more beautiful – all in all a better experience.

The highly portable, quick to set up, self-contained system uses new materials and design concepts to amplify the experience for users, event hosts, business owners and more. Snapden provides than just an entertaining service, since it also adds visual appeal to a venue and a new level of event promotion, making it ideal for not only weddings and personal events, but also concerts, corporate events, grand openings, and promotions.

The Standalone Module, the brains of the systems, features an intuitive touch screen interface and high end professional camera and lighting system. The interface screen is customizable to feature personalized graphics for photos and companies can wrap the unit for brand promotion and unconventional advertising. The Standalone Module can be used alone where space is tight or with one of the Snapden Shells to make a grander statement (The Convertible is shown here with the Module).

The new module has already been tested at wedding receptions in the South Bay and an event at the W Hotel in Hollywood. Guests’ reactions to the new design have been overwhelmingly positive; users have stated “it’s like the future of photo booths” and “I know photo booths and this isn’t a photo booth—this is something better.”

On Friday, June 1 201, Snapden Photo Booths, LLC officially released the Standalone Module and Convertible Shell - new designs that break away from the traditional, out-dated photo booths. Snapden is currently located in the South Bay, and offers photo booth rentals in the Los Angeles and South Bay area. Any interested parties or locations can contact the company about purchasing the booths.

Snapden Photo Booths is a photo booth company that is so passionate about the experience, it had to redesign the photo booths. Snaden offers rental and sales of the unique photo booth system, and pride itself on its innovative booths and excellent customer service. Snapden is dedicated to helping make every event even better.

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