Gaynor Oton Announces Launch of New Website

Gaynor Oton is excited to announce the launch of her new website.

Online PR News – 12-June-2012 – Gibraltar, Dubai – After listening to years of pressure from family members, friends and colleagues, Gaynor Oton has decided to start up her own website. At, this accounting and banking professional will share important insights that pertain to her career, and she will also discuss topics pertaining to her hobbies and her personal life.

Gaynor Oton has been an inspiration to many of her coworkers, and is known for providing practical and useful advice to her colleagues on a regular basis. As a result, she's been asked repeatedly to start her own site.

By sharing a few stories about my life I hope to help my clients and friends to stay in touch a bit better

"I try to share my knowledge when I can, but many of my colleagues and friends have told me that they think the advice I give them should also go to a wider audience," she says. "A website provides the perfect vehicle for that, but it's not something I ever thought I'd be able to pull together in my spare time."

Gaynor Oton works as an Accounts and Payment Manager for Europe Emirates Consultancy, and this position keeps her quite busy from sunup to sundown. She hasn't had the time to devote to a personal project as a result. Thankfully, however, she was able to find a small pocket of time recently to hire a developer and get the process moving. It didn't take as much time as she had thought it would.

"For some reason, I thought that pulling together a website would take hours and hours of time," Gaynor Oton says. "In reality, it took an incredibly short amount of time. I had to make a few key decisions, and I had to remain in close contact with my developer, but the whole thing was over with before I knew it."

The website will allow Gaynor Oton to share her professional advice, but it will also allow her to stay in closer contact with family members and friends. She is currently has many friends and clients living in Dubai, and it's hard for people to stay in touch with her as a result.

"By sharing a few stories about my life, I hope to help my clients and friends to stay in touch a bit better," she says. "It's hard to connect due to time changes and conflicting schedules, so hopefully this site will make things a bit easier."

About Gaynor Oton

Gaynor was fortunate enough to be offered full-time employment immediately after taking O Levels with Jyske Bank Gibraltar. During the last three years of employment, she covered the duties of the Chief Cashier.