Agency Power Sets Out to Make the New Porsche 991 Carrera Even Newer

The new Porsche 991 is already getting an upgrade from Agency Power. They have improved upon the factory exhaust system.

Online PR News – 15-June-2012 – Gilbert, AZ – Porsche’s new 991 Carrera is the latest and greatest model from the long line of the historical 911 chassis. Having developed many products for the Porsche market including that of the 996/997 Carrera and Turbo, it was only a natural progression for Agency Power to start right away with the new 991 platform. This car was unveiled at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show on September 15th. Some of its new features that stand out over the 997 are the seven-speed manual gearbox, electro-mechanical power steering, a seven-speed PDK dual clutch transmission, and an increased wheelbase.
Their first goal for the 991 Carrera was to develop and improve upon the factory exhaust system. The usual first purchases for modifying any vehicle are the exhaust, intake, and wheels, so they started off with the exhaust moving from the engine block back.
Their first products are these full equal length stainless steel headers. Designed at their Arizona facility, these headers feature a 3 into 1 merge collector with thick flange and ported and polished flanges to give the header a great performance increase over
stock. This particular set features 200cell high flow cats with bungs for both the primary and secondary O2 sensors. This header is also available in a full race equal length setup with no cat at all. Up next are muffler bypass pipes and a standard upgraded muffler system that works in conjunction with the valved sport button.
The 991 Carrera will still be recognizable, unless it’s taken for a drive.