Launches Social Business Website for the Affordable Rental Housing Industry

Powered by social networking technology, Ask PropNet brings people and properties closer together as affordable housing faces some of its toughest tests.

Online PR News – 12-June-2012 – Indianapolis, IN – Ask PropNet has launched a socially connected business network for the affordable rental housing industry. It is designed to provide owners, managers and providers of affordable rental housing with a means to stay informed and work collaboratively. It focuses on the core tasks and issues of an often complex set of industry and investor-partner requirements and mandates.

“We’re creating a community of people and resources working together to strengthen and hopefully help transform the affordable rental housing market,” said Steve King, one of the website’s co-founders.

King went on to say, “Ask is very different from other websites of industry associations or membership organizations. At its heart, Ask is a platform for members to engage around the duties and responsibilities that are essential to effectively and efficiently operating affordable rental housing.”

Providing resources, news, analysis and essays on 'all things affordable housing', Ask is a fusion of resources, best practices, research and analysis, in-house developed tools and apps, pertinent topics, and modern formats. In the weeks ahead, it will offer an array of featured writers and bloggers who are experts in their areas of affordable housing.

Paul Hulse, co-founder and 30 year veteran of the affordable housing industry said, “We’ll always strive to adhere to the highest standards and offer the most current and available resources. Since we plan to always run this as a start-up, we aim to exhibit fresh thinking and be nimble. We want to be first and sharp; but well sourced and accurate. We'll offer lots of research and analysis, essays, opinions, and of course, plenty of facts”.

Hulse stated “The U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has an annual budget of $45 billion to provide our country with affordable public housing. Congress is seeking to reform many long-standing funding programs, yet the demand is greater than ever for affordable rental housing and is expected to grow at a very rapid rate well past 2020. We had an idea that stemmed from a simple question: How can we better support the many owners and managers of affordable rental housing while providing better value to the taxpayer? As evolves and we open new doors for those individuals that work in, support, and finance affordable housing, we hope to be viewed as a trusted source they can firmly rely on.”

The AskPropNet product roadmap includes several other distinct web-based properties; including affordable apartment lead referrals, an affordable housing jobs site, and a site for physical assets marketing including apartment properties. launched as a beta release and expects to rapidly fine-tune and evolve the website’s offerings during June. The full release including Ask PropNetPro, a premium membership component, is anticipated in July. During the beta release, registered members can take advantage of a free trial and access certain property management tools at no cost.

About Ask is a social business website for property owners, managers, and providers to the affordable rental housing industry. Providing research and analysis, news, opinions and essays on 'all things affordable housing', Ask PropNet combines industry resources, best practices, in-house developed tools and apps, pertinent topics and modern formats. For more about Ask PropNet, visit