Aspiring Writers Flock to Featured 'App of the Week'

A new app, Opuss, has launched that promises to promote talented writers for free. Available for iPhone and iPad 'Opuss' allows any creative writer to gain unlimited recognition for a few words, a poem, a shot story or even a joke.

Online PR News – 15-June-2012 – N/A, TX – It's no surprise that the most coveted career in the world is that of a writer. Using our native tongue to share our own stories for money seems like a dream come true. There's no person on earth that doesn't have a creative side just waiting to be unleashed, however the stumbling block stopping these potential wordsmiths from taking the leap is the fact that, as with any art, writing is a notoriously difficult profession to break in to.

With social media becoming our communication of choice, the public are finding that they really do have a lot they want to share. People who never considered their words to be worthy before are finding their inspiring status updates and tweets being followed and liked by many giving them the boost to explore this avenue further.

Open to Anyone:

Now, however, a new app has launched that promises to promote this talent for free. Available for iPhone and iPad Opuss allows any creative writer to gain unlimited recognition for a few words, a poem, a shot story or even a joke. The best news is the writers don't have to worry about their work sitting in a stack on a publisher's desk hoping for a chance to be seen as their words will be on display for everyone to see.

Absolutely anyone can submit their thoughts, their ramblings, their words of wisdom or their own stories, from a teenager toying with idea of pursuing a writing career to a well-known author that already has received public acclaim. Experience is not necessary as all that's required is a shared passion for the written word, with many contributors on the App already referring to Opuss as an "Instagram for words."

How it Works:

After submitting, users become part of a unique creative community that incorporates their favourite social networks with the common goal of sharing their words. Users can then vote on their favourite offerings of the day, propelling the writer to star status as they climb the ranks gaining recognition for every step they take.

The co-founder of Opuss, Nagib Tharani, is delighted with the attention this app has already gained, he says, "We're proud that Opuss has already caught the attention from thousands of writers across the globe, and has been featured at Number 1 on the UK/Ireland 'Featured,' 'What's Hot' as well as achieving the prestigious 'App of the Week' status; it is soon destined to be a huge hit in the US. Opuss is quickly changing the way people share their creative genius to the World, which is an incredible achievement for a Company started on a shoestring budget."

People can follow their favourite authors, share their work on every media platform and soon win prizes for their creativity.

An unlimited audience awaits aspiring writers giving each member the chance to turn their dreams into a reality with a fast track to success. No longer will a writing career be beyond reach as everyone will have the chance to showcase their talent to the best critics in the business.

This is only the beginning, as agents and publishers use Opuss as a way to discover new talent, and prizes increase for the best words of the day, the week, the month, budding wordsmiths simply cannot afford to bypass the future in creative promotion that promises to propel them to literary stardom.

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