Details of new Patent Pending Water Softener and Sulfur removal system unveiled in Maryland. Innovative system combines aeration and ion exchange technologies into one!

The troublesome trio of hard water, irony water, and the repulsive rotten egg smell of Hydrogen Sulfide have now met their match! New technology combines two proven methods into one simple system.

Online PR News – 01-March-2010 – – Sulfur smell be gone! A new water softening system that also removes sulfur smell has been developed in Maryland. This new process has the potential to change how well water treatment is done. Scott R. Handy, owner of Mr. Water Professional Water Treatment of Hagerstown, Maryland has developed a new water softener that combines closed pressure aeration and cation exchange water softening into one unique and very useful system. "I was just trying to find a simple way to solve a complex water problem." states Mr. Handy. The beauty of this system is it requires no more maintenance then any standard softener but also removes the unbearable stench of sulfur (rotten egg) smell with chemical free aeration technologies. Up till now customers had to purchase multiple systems to reliably combat hard, irony and smelly well water conditions. Simple also means less expensive to purchase and easier maintain for the consumer. This new method has been in development for over a year now and several experimental systems have been installed throughout the Maryland area with great success. Mr. Handy say's "....the outlook is very positive with a new system like this because the need is so great and it's a new technology that works extremely well." It looks as if the old water softener may have been reinvented.