Montreal Immigration Lawyers Discuss Quebec Experience Class Visa

Montreal immigration law firm Dery & Associates (Canadim) provide Canadian immigration legal services. With the announcement that the Quebec Experience Class visa has been officially launched, they discuss the specifics.

Online PR News – 01-March-2010 – – Dery & Associates (Canadim) has seen a recent surge in interest in immigration to Quebec, with the launch of the new program called the “Quebec Experience Program” visa (QEP) or "Programme de l'expérience québécoise" (PEQ). The process promises to be faster and simpler for qualified applicants. The PEQ's intent is to facilitate the transition from a Temporary Resident status to that of Permanent Resident for Foreign Students and Temporary Workers.

"We are in a province with lot's to offer, the Quebec government has decided to ride the success of the Canadian Experience Visa and launch its own program aimed to bring in qualified individuals to contribute to the success of the province" says Renaud Dery, Managing Partner at Dery & Associates.

Specific requirements applicable to Foreign Students are the following: (1) the applicant must have stayed in Québec for at least half of the duration of the educational program's duration; (2) the applicant must have obtained from an education institution in Québec subsequent to February 13, 2008, either i) a diploma of professional education or a certificate of professional education, which alone or combined attests to over 1,800 hours of continuous education; ii) a diploma of technical college education; iii) a University degree.

The specific requirements applicable to Temporary Workers are the following: (1) the foreign worker must have conformed with the conditions of his/her work permit and be legally in Québec at the time of the application; (2) the foreign worker must have employment in Québec at the time of submission of the application and must have been so employed for at least 12 months during the 24 months preceding the application.

Application requirements common to both Foreign Students and Temporary Workers are that applicants must be able to financially support themselves and their family members for a period of three months and demonstrate their verbal French language skills at an intermediary level.

By introducing PEQ, the province intends to facilitate the immigration process for individuals who are likely to remain and contribute to the economy as a result of already living and working in Québec. “We are excited to consult our clients on how to use the PEQ to their advantage. We have gained another tool by which to facilitate the process and our lawyers are prepared to personally handle each and every case in front of them.” adds Dery.

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