Partners Seeking Innovative Cloud-Based Speech Assistant, UC offerings Join Lyirx’ Global Network

New Partners Add Mobiso™ Unified Speech Assistant to Enhance Their IP Premise and Hosted PBX Offerings in North & South America and Europe

Online PR News – 15-June-2012 – Nahua, NH – Lyrix Inc, a globally recognized expert in enterprise speech technology and communications software and services , including it’s unique cloud-based speech assistant, expands its partner network by registering additional partners to integrate and resell its Mobiso Unified Speech Assistant in North America, South America and Europe. Unified Communication and Collaboration partners such as Avaya, Mitel, Cisco, Broadsoft, Genband and Metaswitch find Lyrix Inc. a flexible solutions provider of leading edge speech enabled communication and collaboration technology that ranges from simply speech enabling corporate directories to a full blown multi-contextual speech assistant that speech enables corporate and personal directories, conferencing, messaging and other UC services that truly enable a “numberless enterprise”.

”Achieving partner compliance of our hosted Mobiso solution will help us build our business by serving customers more efficiently and effectively," said Jeff Gardella, VP of Engineering & Support, Lyrix. "Our customers can now confidently deploy our proven high level speech applications utilizing standard SIP based connectivity from the Mobiso cloud. This allows our customers to quickly and easily leverage their communications infrastructure delivering innovative speech recognition productivity solutions to their employees and improve customer service to their customers.” Partners are seeking alternatives to traditional costly on premise solutions and want to satisfy their customers interest in leveraging their Unified Communication investments. Partners and their clients are looking to move to the cloud with the right applications, and prospective partners inquired soon after the launch of Mobiso as a cloud-based solution offering significant advantages.

“Lyrix has been selling directly to the large enterprise market since 1995. However, deploying premises-based speech applications can be tricky and expensive, so we wanted to make our enterprise-quality solution available to partners and businesses of any size at an attractive price and with the minimum of technical fuss. We have re-architected our platform under the Mobiso brand to be a massively multitenant, cloud-based CaaS offering, allowing our partners same-day service activation and unlimited scalability. By making our Speech Assistant service available as a pure hosted offering, we take the guesswork out of selling and deploying a world-class, enterprise-proven speech-enabled auto attendant solution. Combined with our professional services package, we are helping our partners build business and increase revenue. Our partners have found it is simple to implement, easy to use, flexible and priced right. Collectively, they have said they wanted a solution that helps keep them competitive and adds high value to their UC offerings which they find encourages their customers to implement additional communication and collaboration services front-ended by Mobiso,” stated Deborah Brown, Global Strategic Sales & Marketing Manager for Lyrix Inc.

Mobiso incorporates patented logic, monitoring software and Day2 linguistic services which deliver industry leading accuracy and is the only product and service of its kind to be deployed as a purely hosted application. Mobiso can be deployed in a variety of ways: as a cloud based SaaS subscription service, as a traditional on premise fixed-price server-based model, and can also be deployed within a VMWare environment.

Partner Support Growing Strong -- Proven Solution, Partner-Friendly Supplier
Lyrix Inc which relies on its Authorized Partners worldwide to implement Mobiso, is gaining strong support among Hosted PBX partners, leading enterprise communication and collaboration partners as well as virtualization software solutions.

"Mobiso has taken a new approach to the speech enabled auto attendant market. With “Siri” for consumers, we see enterprise speech adoption growing significantly in the coming year, and we are working hard to respond to partner business needs and make it easier to deliver a valuable service to their marketplace. We look forward to helping our partners expand their Mobiso applications with the variety of customers they support and the innovative ways they are choosing to deploy Mobiso to support their customer’s needs. Our partners say they value our service-based pricing approach and appreciate that we will also work with them to address customer specific needs that bring benefits to a wider audience. Partners have stated they greatly appreciate the ease of deployment, our level of support and the willingness of Lyrix to work in such a collaborative manner for their benefit” added Brown.

Mobiso received the prestigious TMC Labs Innovation Award for 2011 and Tom Keating, CTO and Executive Editor at Internet Telephony states: "Speech-recognition IVRs are popular with financial institutions and large enterprises that can afford to maintain racks of servers, update speech recognition engines, and all the other maintenance involved with a speech-enabled IVR. Some small to mid-sized organizations have dipped their toes in these waters, but it is sometimes just too cost prohibitive to maintain. But what if you could outsource the speech-recognition IVR to the cloud? This would mitigate any upfront hardware costs and result in overall lower TCO. Well, that’s what Lyrix’s Mobiso Cloud Based Speech Assistant aims to do. The Mobiso Speech Assistant is a speech-enabled auto attendant that utilizes Lyrix’s patent-winning PeopleFind technology, and the power of SIP. It claims to be the first fully hosted cloud-based speech-enabled auto attendant solution in the marketplace.”

Lyrix Inc -- New Partners at a Glance
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Mobiso offers prospective partners a free trial period where they can use Mobiso internally and for clients in order to best evaluate the solution. For more about the Mobiso partner program, and to initiate a Partner Trial Program go to

Mobiso™ Speech Assistant is available through any Mitel, Avaya, Cisco, Broadsoft, Metaswitch, and Genband authorized partner. Professional services and technical support is available from Lyrix for authorized partners as well.

About Lyrix Inc.
Established in 1995, Lyrix Inc. is an enterprise focused communications-as-a-service (CaaS) company based in the Boston, MA metro area. Lyrix provides enterprise communications solutions including cloud based unified speech assistants, cloud-based wireless expense management, and unified communications services directly to SMBs and Fortune 1000 companies worldwide as well as through its Partner Programs. Mobiso is the creation of Lyrix, Inc. We partner with major communication and collaboration companies and our client base includes prestigious global leaders such as Ernst & Young and Citigroup UK. Our applications are used in a wide range of markets including financial and legal services, higher education, government, defense and health care services. For more information please visit
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