The Customer Comment Card Is Dead!

OwnersAsk makes it easy for business owners to build their customer database and get customer comments while they're still in there business.

Online PR News – 15-June-2012 – Bend, OR – OwnersAsk, a start-up in Bend, Oregon has come up with a creative way to help Restaurant, Bar and Brew Pubs gather customer feedback while customers are still present in their establishments. During their public beta test period, business owners can use the service free of charge.

56% of all mobile phone users have smart phones; this number increases even higher for the 21-30 age brackets. OwnersAsk taps into these devices by creating unique Quick Response (QR) code for the business owner. This QR code can be printed on napkins, drink coasters and even t-shirts!

Owners can ditch the comment cards and pencils at the table and engage their customer's right at their table. The two most popular questions are:
• How was your food?
• How was our service?

Customers click on a standard A, B, C, D, F grading scale and can also leave a brief comment.

OwnersAsk also offers two unique features:
1. The customer can register their feedback with one click using their Facebook account. This gives the owner the ability to build a customer database right in OwnersAsk that can be used later for opt-in email programs.
2. OwnersAsk can also capture a unique register receipt number, which then enables the business owner to match the food and service rating back to a specific food server and menu item.

OwnersAsk stores all of the survey results, comments and customer information in a secure cloud utilizing Microsoft's Windows Azure platform. Business Owners can view these comments from their mobile devices, tablets or any internet browser. They can also enable SMS alerts and get real time notifications while customers are still at their business location.

OwnersAsk enables owners to acquire customer feedback, at point-of-sale. The software is designed to be easy to use, and only takes a few minutes to create your first QR code. Customers can send their comments with just a few clicks.

OwnersAsk has opened up its beta to the public. Business owners can try the product free of charge in exchange for providing feedback to the company. For more information, please visit