The Business Integrity Club Has Now Launched for North American Members

The Business Integrity Club has launched a new website to North American members. The system allows you to connect and meet others that have strong business ethics and integrity.

Online PR News – 15-June-2012 – 06/12/2012 – As a business man or woman, building contacts and networking with your peers is absolutely essential to doing good business. There is a new service available in the United States and surrounding countries called the Business Integrity Club. This club was designed for individuals involved in all aspects of business to meet and connect. It provides an opportunity to proudly and properly promote yourself, while meeting others and building relationships in your niche market. Proven Integrity is not looking for just any business owner, the members of the system must have business ethics and integrity that comply with their high standards.

What does joining a system like the Business Integrity Club mean for you? In certain markets, networking with others who have similar interests can be the difference between being successful or not being successful with your business. The technical field is a strong example of this necessity to network with other business partners. As a programmer or database design professional, the need to meet businesses is essential if you are doing freelance work. Not everyone in the tech field needs to work for a company when there is such high demand for programming and database skills. Today, if you have a strong background in something desirable for businesses, you can work for yourself by becoming a freelancer. In this field, businesses come to you when they need to outsource something. However, they will only know that you exist if you have properly introduced yourself and made your skills aware.

Once you have established connections with business owners, you will find that word of mouth referrals can greatly increase your production. Word of mouth has been the most promising way to gain new customers for centuries, and it is still fundamental today. Not to mention, once you have done good work for a company, they are very likely to return to you with their future projects. It is very difficult to find employees with the utmost integrity and strong work ethics. For this reason, if you try your best at everything you do, people will begin to notice and your business will take off.

There are many reasons why the new launch of the Business Integrity Club has received a lot of hype in North America. The system allows you to connect with only the strongest candidates that have proven themselves reliable in their fields. In order to join the system, there are many application requirements that must be fulfilled. These include personal references, business references, testimonials of your products or services, letters to qualify your skills, and financial records. This high standard to be involved in the system has created a club of highly respectable business associates.

The new launch for the Business Integrity Club is expected to be a great success. The service is completely confidential and allows you to meet others behind the scenes, without prying eyes seeing the volume of your business, who you are connecting with, and what you are doing. It is secure, reliable, and a must for any business that is looking to establish strong connections in their line of work.