Music Associate Sees Scope For Partnerships

The Music Associate is new online music website getting popularity in music industry. Here The Music Associate announce partnerships with other musical product websites.

Online PR News – 14-June-2012 – Toronto – The music industry must discover new areas of growth in by forging effective partnerships. Avenues like internet TV, free TV channels and online movie download Channels can expand music consumption.

Piracy and file sharing is hitting the music industry badly. According to the MUSIC ASSOCIATE (www. there is no escape from technology-driven changes. But the success of iTunes helped the industry to think differently and see new opportunities in digital music and wipe out the sinking feeling.

Music Associate, as the largest online music store connects with all stakeholders in the music industry. It has forged online partnerships with leading players in the music industry including many online movie and TV channels. Some of the prominent names are Music import: Journeys of faith: ACG store: All music import: Nest entertainment: Anime private: Top internet TV and Via television.

According to Music Associate, in spite of music consumption shifting from the physical world to the digital world, innovative monetization opportunities are strengthening the revenue base of the music industry.

The internet has thrown open a variety of distribution channels for music. HMV, iTunes and VEVO are examples of opportunities in monetizing digital consumers. Even the bundled music services of mobile companies like Nokia and Sony Ericsson are innovative.

The widening collaboration between mobile phone companies and music record companies indicates that opportunities in digital music have not finished. Music Associate hopes that licensed music services will grow substantially in the time to come and support the industry. To free movie download online visit