METTLER TOLEDO launches intelligent dissolved CO2 sensor for brewery and carbonated soft drinks

With the InPro 5500i, intelligent dissolved carbon dioxide (CO2 ) measurement is now available for brewery and carbonated soft drinks applications.

Online PR News – 14-June-2012 – Greifensee – METTLER TOLEDO Process Analytics has enhanced the well-established thermal conductivity CO2 measurement principle to be more durable by adding Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) functionality. ISM simplifies sensor handling and increases reliability, leading to increased operational uptime. In addition, a package for combined O2 and CO2 measurements with a multi-channel transmitter is available. This package optimizes processes, maintains product quality and controls costs by providing accurate, real-time, continuous measurements.

The InPro 5500i can be installed easily with a choice of process connections including Varivent, Tri-clamp and 28mm/M42. Its hygienic and simple membrane design reduces maintenance efforts, while the absence of moving parts ensures a reduced failure rate and high operational uptime. Immunity to background gases such as oxygen and nitrogen means carbon dioxide measurement is highly selective.

METTLER TOLEDO's Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) technology is installed on the InPro 5500i: advanced diagnostics tools, a Plug and Measure feature, and pre-calibration routine support trouble-free and fast start-up and operation. The Membrane Integrity Detection function informs operators of a drop in membrane reliability. This unique feature allows operators to perform a membrane change before measurements and product quality are affected. The Dynamic Lifetime Indicator and Adaptive Calibration Timer inform operators when the sensor will need servicing. Maintenance shifts from a regularly scheduled or reactive process to one where tasks can be planned in advance. Calibration of the InPro 5500i is a simple operation and can be conveniently performed in-line.

Unlike other dissolved CO2 sensors, the InPro 5500i protects itself from damage during sterilization-in-place and clean-in-place cycles or when the purge gas or sensor membrane fails, and therefore helps provide long sensor lifetime.

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