ViewHue - Anonymous Thoughts Sharing

New Way to Share Opinions Online without the Digital Paper Trail

Online PR News – 14-June-2012 – San Francisco, CA – ViewHue, the web-service of anonymous opinions exchange, announced its launch for wide audience. The site features stream of incoming posts, which are evaluated and discussed by community.

It is designed specifically to ensure that everyone can share any exciting ideas and can be heard open-mindedly and equally. System highlights best content, not content written by popular people. Posts have no author attribution or any connection with other publications by same author.

“Many people desire to share their thoughts, but often such things are not talked about openly or they don't want to be known by their friends,“ believe ViewHue founders. “We felt the Internet needs to be persona-based, not identity-based like it turns out to be now. Privacy and personality are among those core values that we will protect and evolve.”

At the moment ViewHue is in alpha English-only version with major functionality already implemented. Current aims of the project are to broaden the community, develop new demanded features and mobile applications.