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Scientifically researched Brain Power now available for instant download at the touch of a button at Amazon's Video on Demand.

Online PR News – 28-February-2010 – – Brain Power addresses an often neglected but key part of healthy aging with medically engineered brain fitness movements presented both seated or standing to strengthen one's brain connections to a youthful state of learning with stronger memory retention.

Dr. Alice Godbey, E.d.D., Professor of Behavioral and Social Sciences at Daytona State College reviewed Brain Power and stated, " Brain Power's refreshing program supports relevant current research on the importance of exercise for cognitive (brain) functioning. Suzanne Andrews dedication to baby boomers is evident in both her enthusiastic approach and knowledge in her craft."

Rehab professional and producer of Functional Fitness Brain Power DVD, Suzanne Andrews states, " we need to approach our aging population differently and focus on helping them achieve to the best of their ability instead of focusing on their disability. All the exercises in Brain Power DVD are scientifically researched practices that can help increase people's cognitive functioning. One need not wait till retirement to begin. It's wise practice to start an anti- dementia program as early as age 40 as a preventative measure." Alzheimers affects 5.3 million Americans each year.

Brain Power's specially formulated movements are designed to get blood circulating quickly. The faster the heart pumps, the faster blood gets to the brain. That means both oxygen and glucose arrive right when we need them. Brain Power is, in fact, so effective in improving mental focus that it is often part of a treatment plan for people who have attention deficit disorder, dimentia, and decreasing memory. As we age remembering where we parked our cars and place our keys becomes increasingly difficult. However there are specific mind/body exercises that are medically proven to boost memory, focus and concentration.

Brain Power Boosts Mental Functioning

Brain Power is most valuable to mental function because of its effect upon the frontal and pre-frontal lobes. These areas of the brain help you to solve problems, prioritize tasks, and react to situations quickly. By doing this 25 minute session, one helps protect their prefrontal cells from threats like environmental toxins or injury. These findings are especially promising for elderly people striving to maintain their independent living skills, and to those who who wish improve their ability to remember.

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