Scott Klososky and FPOVi Launch New Workshop on Digital Plumbing Architecture July 9-11, 2012

Join international technology expert Scott Klososky with Future Point of View Institute (FPOVi) for a three-day Digital Plumbing Architecture workshop July 9th through 11th, 2012 in Dallas, TX.

Online PR News – 14-June-2012 – Oklahoma – Network technology has only been commonly used for about the past 30 years. As a result, proper digital plumbing models have not been graphically communicated or instituted within organizations. This fact is affecting leaders’ abilities to understand the impact of individual technology decisions and the large-scale problems that cause friction against the perfected use of technology as a tool.

Join international technology speaker, author, consultant, and entrepreneur Scott Klososky with FPOVi in Dallas, TX (Las Colinas) for a Workshop on implementing effective Digital Plumbing Architecture July 9th through 11th, 2012.

This workshop teaches participants a holistic way to envision technology plumbing, which becomes a central step in building sound strategies. Every participant will walk away with a deeper understanding of how the many pieces of technology blend together to flow, store, and analyze data. Participants will also be provided with specific tools and examples that can be applied easily within their organizations.

The content and discussions are designed to provide current and future leaders with a new framework for being able to visualize how all technology is assembled and interconnected within an organization. This workshop is especially helpful for leaders who would like to play a more central role in influencing how technology is implemented in the organization. It is recommended that attendees have a working knowledge of basic technology terms.

Workshop Benefits

* Learn digital plumbing architectural models for visualizing technology infrastructure holistically. This includes studying mock models as case studies.
* Learn how the digital plumbing concept becomes vital to solid technology planning for the future.
* Get answers to specific questions about your organization’s plumbing and IT infrastructure.
* Learn accountability methods to use with vendors and staff in building digital plumbing and setting up work agreements.
* Adopt methods for speeding up the construction and implementation of digital plumbing.
* Embrace a new view of how organization culture and the human element will provide a huge impact on the success of digital plumbing, and what can be done about it.
* Get assistance with designing your own high-level digital plumbing map.

This workshop brings together executives and managers from the business side and the IT side with the express purpose of designing and graphically representing the next generations of an organizations’ IT infrastructure. The big payoff for investing time with this workshop is a shared two-year technology strategy that will help the organizations grow topline revenue, and lower back office costs.

Program Dates/Fees/Registration:
- July 9-11, 2012
- Oklahoma City
- $5,000 per participant
(Discounts available for multiple course enrollment – contact

Private workshops can be provided to companies or associations for $25,000 at the location of their choice (in the continental U.S.). International workshops are priced based on region.

For event registration, hotel booking information and workshop agenda please contact:
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