Treatment of Spinal Stenosis Explained by Dr. Dean Greenwood

According to experienced chiropractors like Dr Dean Greenwood, timing is everything for the treatment of spinal stenosis in Vancouver, BC.

Online PR News – 14-June-2012 – Vancouver, B.C. – Vancouver, BC: Spinal Stenosis is one among serious spine related problems which are becoming common these days in Vancouver BC. Dr Dean Greenwood, with the work experience of more than 29 years, highlights the benefits of chiropractic health care by explaining about Spinal Stenosis and its related nerve problems.

Where the medical industry has been noticing several changes in terms of techniques, treatment methods and medication; individuals can be seen acquiring assistance of professional chiropractors to get their spine related problems like spinal stenosis, etc; solved in a non-invasive manner in Vancouver, BC.

Dr Dean Greenwood along with another experienced chiropractor is one of the founders of Vancouver Spine Care Centre located in Vancouver, BC.

Spinal Stenosis is the problem that occurs in people over 60. At this age, the spinal discs begin to lose water and thus get weaker as the spaces between them are collapsed, says Dr Greenwood. This puts more pressure or stress over the joints behind the spinal cord. Due to this stress, one may face problems like arthritis and other back related problems.

The best case scenario for a person with this spine problem, Dr says, is to have it diagnosed and treated on time, because any delay in this regard can cause complications. As far as treatment is concerned, the chiropractors always start with a conservative treatment like anti-inflammatory medications and exercises. In case the patient is not getting relief from this, the experts opt for techniques with respect to the spine conditions.

Spinal alignment is opted to reduce pressure on the spinal cord and nerve root. Decompression is considered as one of the most effective and common procedure which is meant to widen the foramen to help the nerves with the room they need.

Other than Spinal Stenosis, you can contact to Dr Dean Greenwood for other spine, back or nerve related problems. Vancouver Spine Care Centre is located on the Broadway bus route and has free parking near to back entrance. Check out the website of the spine care centre and get allied information.

Vancouver Spine Care Centre with Dr Dean Greenwood and Dr Richard Hunter offers chiropractic treatments for Spinal Stenosis and other spine related problems in Vancouver, BC.