Pacific Conferences brings the 2012 run of its Media Relations in the Digital Age Conference

Today’s digital age presents as much opportunities as challenges for media relations professionals

Online PR News – 12-June-2012 – Singapore – Singapore - The advent of social media has caused newsrooms to change dramatically. We are rapidly moving to a one-to-one media relations environment, where it is more challenging than ever to manage and maintain relationships not just with reporters, bloggers, but with everyone else.

Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn have become the new playground for media relations professionals to connect with journalists and bloggers. Media relations professionals need to cut through the noise by successfully integrating traditional and digital platforms to create real conversations and relationships with the media to ensure their brand message reach wider audiences.

Walter Jennings, Partner, Kreab & Gavin Anderson correctly points out, “A decade ago communicators were in greater control of their corporate message. Today there are hundreds if not thousands of channels. At this year’s Media Relations in the Digital Age conference, Walter aims to focus in on ways to leverage mainstream media across the numerous social networks. Walter adds, “You may not control the message, but you can guide the conversation.”

With so many messages and different digital platforms, the window of opportunity to get your story to the most influential writers is small and fleeting.

Lars Voedisch, Founder, Precious Communications explains, “News spread faster than ever in the digital age. That's why companies need to 1) know in real-time what's said about them, 2) have the right people and processes in their communications teams - and 3) a strong leadership that can convey messages and isn't afraid to make mistakes.” Companies today find it a challenge dealing with the perceived power shift towards the consumers. Lars adds on, “Organizations can no longer hide behind their brand or the institutions they represent; they must show that their concern is to offer real solutions for real people. It’s the leadership’s main role to drive that change and communicate it internally and externally.”

Gone are the days when journalists have to scavenge for relevant news of interest. In this digital age, news is being circulated in 140 characters or less. Media relations professionals need to know how to create a seamless integration between traditional and new media to successfully engage influential newsmakers.

To address these emerging issues, a 2-day conference on “Media Relations in the Digital Age” will be held on 16 – 17 July in Singapore and 19 – 20 July in Hong Kong, during which attendees can gain insights and hear from experts on how the shifting dynamics of communications help shape the media relations environment. Attendees will get an opportunity to hear from experienced practitioners across industries as they share valuable tips for enhanced communication techniques. Media relations practitioners can pick up useful tips and skills to better equip themselves to take on new challenges in the highly digitalised social sphere; discover the crux to managing issues online and generate creative content to successfully capture media attention.

This year’s conference brings in insights from companies like Starhub, Rolls Royce, Standard Chartered, Levis and more. Experts sharing include Matthew Kovac, Director for Corporate Communications for Wincor Nixdorf, Florence Huang, Head of Media Relations for Ernst & Young, James Walton, Clients & Market Director of Deloitte, Chad Tendler, Director of Corporate Communications for Dow Jones, Christian Schubert, Vice President of BASF and many more.

Conference Details:

Title: Media Relations in the Digital Age
Date & Venue:
16 - 17 July 2012, Sheraton Towers, Singapore
19 - 20 July 2012, Regal HongKong Hotel, Hong Kong
Organiser: Pacific Conferences
Contact Person: Ms Karen Soh
Tel: (65) 6592 7362

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