Biz Buzz Local Launches in Bismarck Mandan
06/14/2012 increases sales for local businesses using a set of proven white hat and ethical techniques for local, affordable and effective online marketing through its ‘BizBuzz’ services for small and medium sized businesses.

Online PR News – 14-June-2012 – Bismarck, North Dakota – Biz Buzz Local has announced today the launch of, its new website and small business marketing service.

“We are extremely excited about our new service brand and website. Our BizBuzz services help customers ‘be found’ more easily on the Internet, more easily on smartphones and mobile devices and offline,” said Gerald Wolfe, a relationship manager at “The new Biz Buzz Local website affords customers an easy way to build their business sales channel, choosing one of three ‘buzz’ options. The new “Biz Buzz” brand captures the company’s focus on helping local businesses be found. “Our goal is to help your biz to buzz,” says Gerald.

The service is needed because many small businesses owners, are so focused on running the day to day operations of their business, they have no time to work on marketing and exposing their business. Some other business owners focus only on traditional media. However, there is no more effective way to market your business than through localized and targeted internet marketing services. The secret to the “online” marketing game is properly targeting your prospective customers.

“We believe the BizBuzz brand gets across exactly what we intend to do in a catchy-kitchy fun way... getting local biz to buzz with activity!” says Gerald.

Tomas Reis, owner of Reis MMA located in Mandan said “Biz Buzz Local” was recently a big part in helping my business to grow. Because of the support, I have hired two more people which effectively doubles my staff.”

Customers can choose from three distinct plans: the Worker Bee, the Honey Bee, or the Queen Bee. The plans are priced to give each customer maximum value at the appropriate needed level of service and each includes the actionable benchmarks so progress can be seen and analyzed.

“The Biz Buzz services are designed to achieve maximum search engine optimization for local and small businesses,” said Mr. Wolfe. “These plans help customers be found on the Internet even if they don’t have a website. We place their company’s information online in a way that optimizes it for the targeted popular search engines.”

Customers who sign up with Biz Buzz Local get personalized service. We talk with and specialize in helping customers be found on the first page of search engines local search results. We help boost your business sales. Biz Buzz creates opportunities for your prospective customers to become your customers. “Each Biz Buzz client can expect effective and affordable internet marketing support to help their biz to buzz with new customers.” says Gerald.